After seeing Meara with her super-cute fishing pole at the Hump Day Party, I decided to try out the fishing thing. I read the tips in my last post, bought myself a pro pole, some bait, and parked my bum to fish. It was surprisingly amusing! It appears to be something to do in between IMs, kind of like Tiny Empires. Which is great, because I can play Tiny Empires and fish while sorting inventory.


Seriously, I liked it so much, I even splurged and got myself one of those fishing kits, so I can use it on my own land! XD Its a fun little thing to do - as soon as I can think of a reasonably interesting name for my land, I might request to put it on the fishing area page of the official website.


What I love most about this - the things you catch are so cute! Like, I expected the fish to be little craptastic 1 prim photos that I see so often. But no, these are cute, full prim ones. Someone definitely spends a lot of time making these, which makes me keep coming back to fish. I always can't wait to see what I am going to get next.


I liked fishing so much, I even made myself a pose to put at the end of my dock! XD The head moves, as well as the right arm, so you can cast freely :D (BTW, If you want this pose for your fishing needs, feel free to IM me in-world, and I'll drop it on you :D)