My origninal plan was to wait until September 2nd to drop the new build down, but I am an extremely impatient person, and I wanted it done as soon as possible. XD So, I spent last night setting everything up - I think it turned out surprisingly well. :D


I thought this would take up my whole lot, but I actually have a bit of room to grow in. I should be able to stretch a few prims, and expand my store a few meters, if I feel the need to. But really, I am looking around and pricing a few bigger lots around the surrounding sims. I have my eye on a few - and I have no problems moving to a bigger place if I feel the need to. Right now though, this is working fine for me.


Don't worry though - the freebies are still there. :D I love having little sitting areas in my store - I think they are a cute, personal touch, so the main reason I bought this prefab was because of this central area. It was a fantastic place to put a couch, and a easy to spot freebie section.


I also decided to lower the price on some of my least favorite pose sets, mainly because I feel they are not up to par with my current ones, or the demand isn't very high for them. So, I am debating between $10L or $25L each for these. Not sure yet.


I love the arches, and they made perfect places to hang signs from. I still have some room to expand here in this main section, so I think that is really good, and was really what I was stressing out about.


Heh, I seriously love this sitting area. XD Also in the background are the stairs. I know people hate stairs in SL, so I will be putting in a teleport arrow thing that will allow you to bypass the stairs completely. ^^


Oh, and probably the most important change - I rotated the entire store to face a neighboring sim, which has been completely empty for as long as I've had a store in Glenn. So, no more ugliness outside my window. :D


And, I've been sooooo excited about the release of the Nora PSDs, and she finally released them last night! Woot! So, I played with them this morning, and created my own makeup. It's simple, but I think its totally cute and came out well. IM me if you would like a copy of it. ^^


Now, as some of you know, I am considering hiring a builder to build a store for Imperial Elegance. Well, I took a fly around the various Azure commercial sims, to see if any prefabs catch my eye - before I commit to hiring someone. I visited all kinds of places, but somehow ended back up at Barnesworth. I had the sudden brainstorm: Why can't I use a prefabricated home? I don't need to have an actual "store", right? So, I toured around, looking at his various prefabs.... and stopped when I seen this one.


I was suddenly hit with an idea to make this work. I think this building really fits the image I wanted to go for: elegant, inviting, with beautiful, complimenting colors. It looked giant when I bought it, but when I got it on the land, I came to realize - it was considerably smaller than my current store. As of now, all my poses will fit - but as IE grows, I have no clue how I would fit more in. but still, I think things will work out somehow.


Also - this is two stories. In my land covenant, it forbids 2 story buildings. However, as I flew around Glenn, and all the surrounding sims, I seen tons and tons of 2 story buildings. So, being the rebel that I am - will follow suit and join everyone else.


And I've talked about this before, but I believe I will be rotating the entire store to face the Nicole sim, which is entirely empty, aside from a few linden trees. The current land across from IE is up for sale, and I don't really think I want to see what kind of monstrosity will be popping up once its sold.


So, BareRose added a lucky chair to its new Maid Cafe, and restricted it only to its VIP members.... AND put the timer on for only 2 minutes. Yay! I waited for a bit, and eventually got the gift. :D


I played with windlight settings, and snapped this picture of it. ^^ I love how easy it is to take pictures in June Dion's creations, no matter what pose I was in, it just begged to have a photo taken of it. xD


And, last night at the hump day party, Elora wore a really awesome outfit that I said: "OMFG, I NEED!" to. I inspected her, because it was much easier than just ripping the outfit off her avatar - and later went to hunt the outfit down. I spent almost an HOUR! hunting for that thing! But, its cute, and I actually have fun roaming the grid wearing it. :D

And, am I the only one who is unbelievably excited about Nora opensourcing her skins?! Eloh Eliot skin templates were good, but there was a ton of things I don't like about them. Nora's skins are beautiful, stunning, and I will get the chance to play with them! OMG. *bounces off walls* I think, this might be the chance I have to get a skin that not everyone and their mom has. I can make one personalized for me! :D


So - I have less than a week before my big 50% off store card sale. I am kind of excited about it, and curious how it will do. I think if this works out okay and people are interested, I'll do another around Christmas time - for those people who like to give Christmas gifts to their friends. I know when there is a gift card sale, I buy tons at a time, because I love to have cards when I love something, but don't want to go buy $L (I am a broke college student, you know :P). So - I am hoping people like this, because it is pretty much 1/2 off everything (well, except for the furniture, because I haven't received the card compatible vendor yet).


So, I spent this morning preparing for the sale. I made cards to hang on the wall, so they are easy to see and buy. This way, I'll you'd have to do is Right Click and Buy, instead of find the kiosk and pay. I also finished up the new "fashion" inspired pose set, which I've called "Vogue". So, all this is waiting in my skybox, waiting for release next week. ^^


Oh, and omg - the VIP Member BareRose hunt! BR hunts are always fun, and I love the stories. This one was no different, and I had to try it out. I found some interesting things, such as this dress, and this dragon that sits on your head. xD


There was also a dragon avatar in the hunt. I have several dragon avatars, but none from Bare Rose.

And.... why do I have that annoying Peanut Butter Jelly Time song stuck in my head?! Bah. Probably from that Family Guy episode that was on TV the other day xD


Why does it have to be so freaking hot here in California? Gawd, my allergies are going insane and I've been melting all weekend! T_T Anyway -

It appears that the creator of IE's gift card system is not going to finish the furniture vendor in time for my gift card sale. It really sucks. So, now I have to decide if I want to wait on it, or just go through with it, with a notice saying cards don't work on furniture. *sigh* If I do wait until I get the new furniture vendor, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the sale. I wanted to do this 50% off gift card sale for my RL birthday, and if I wait.... well... it wouldn't be for my birthday anymore. Bah.

I've been working on my fashion pose series, and I have 9 poses so far, and still need to finish 3 more. So, its coming along pretty good :D I'm totally excited ^^


I also have plans to release this pose that I call "Mina" into the lucky board when I finish the fashion poses. woot! :D

And yus - Horse poses are in the works ^^


So, last night at the Strawberry Hunt thing, I seen the most ADORABLE looking horses ever. I'm definitely a city girl, and have no interest in horses IRL, but I when I seen these particular horses on the sim where the hunt was in SL, I wanted them. Now, several people know - when I want something, I can't stop thinking about it until I get it (I blame that on my grandparents, who spoiled me rotten :P).

I inspected the horse on the sim, and found it was created by Fiona Branagh, and she had a store listed in her profile. I finished the hunt (omg - that Tuli skin, I swear, she is the most generous person ever!), and went to check out the price of the horse. OMG, my heart sank when I seen the listed price. $4000L. :O That was waaaaaayyyyy too much than I wanted to pay for a little whim of mine.

Looking about as I rode the demo horse around, I seen the "Mare" version, which was a more reasonable price. I thought about it CONSTANTLY last night. It was just one of those weird things that I need, even though I know I'll never use it XD So, this morning, I woke up and hunted on SLExchange for a horse that cost less. I found only one other sculpted horse, made by an avatar at Caledon, Virrginia Tombola. I went to look at them, but I was a little depressed she didn't offer demos of the specific horse I wanted. So, I went back to Fiona's, shut my eyes, and purchased the mare.


It's actually surprisingly fun to play with. I bought several "Riding" outfits at the Last Call sale, not knowing when I'd ever need them. So, I put one on and took a few pictures in my little work skybox. I love the look of this horse - from the twitching tail, to the textures. She is very beautifully done, and I think if I was more into horses, I'd be looking into the differences between the stallion and the mare. I am not sure what is so different between the stallion and the mare - to make their prices so considerably different. (For the record, yes - I know a mare is female, and a stallion is a male. :P) But, on these particular SL horses - what does the stallion do, that the mare doesn't? I couldn't find an answer to this in the FAQ notecard.


It is also ridable, and I am amazed at how well the horse animates. When I tried the demo of Virrginia's horse, it wasn't as smooth as this one. I am quite pleased with this prim animal. I might try making some poses, but I'm not sure what the demand is for poses with a horse. XD


This mare came with several different versions, a standing version, wearable version, grazing version.... @_@ But, the notecard appears to be well written for morons such as myself. :D AND! Updates are forever free. Woot! Now... off I go to pick up the freebie saddle for it :D .... and head to the Viva La Glam sim. XD


Actually, a few people asked me: "How did you organize your inventory?!" My answer: "Very painfully XD". But seriously, this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time - writing about how I organize folders in my inventory. I really wish more people would share tips and such, because I really struggle with mine, and I know other people do as well. So, in case people want to see mine, I will bare all for you! :D


On first impressions, my inventory is pretty basic, using the same standard Animations, Clothing, Sounds, Objects, etc. folders as when you start SL. However, once you open any of the given folders, it's a completely different story. Believe it or not, there is a method to my madness here - and I will try to explain the best I can. XD


My entire inventory is a massive collection of folders within folders... within folders. I tried to picture my strategy in the above screenshot, but I'll give you the basic formula to the way I organize:

Inventory > Clothing > Item Type > Subtype > Designer > Item - Color

Confusing? @_@ Most likely. So, here are two examples of it, based on the picture above. To find both the Ribbon Boots in Black, and my favorite Annyka hair, these are the folders I'll have to navigate through.

Inventory > Clothing > Footwears > Boots > Shiny Things > Ribbon Boots - Black
Inventory > Body Parts > Hair > Long > Aden > Annyka - Black

.. LOL, Yeah, its a nightmare. XD However, there really isn't any other way around it. Sometimes, if I only have one item from a designer (and the item is mod!) I'll change the name to the format [Designer's Name] Item - Color, and put them in the appropriate folder. A few examples of this is at the bottom of the Long Hair folder. ^^


I do try to use all my system folders - even if I have no use for them. For example - my Sounds folder. I really have no need for sounds (all the sounds I could ever need are in the library), so I use it for gadgets and such. I love scripts, and I love playing with them, so I needed them to have their own section. I ripped out my sounds, and compiled my gadgets and nifty scripty things all there.

And umm.... I guess that's about it. If you have questions, or a comment, feel free to shoot them at me - I really don't bite. But, I really hope this has helped someone in some way or inspired someone to show theirs - I always love seeing other people's inventory pictures, to get tips, tricks and ideas for ways to do mine. ^^


Yesterday - I decided that I was not going to the hair fair at all, until I get my inventory sorted. I started in the morning, and organized ALL FREAKING DAY. OMG, it was soooooo horrible!I cleaned out my textures folder, snapshots, objects, random folders thrown around, and even boxed up some older things I never wear anymore. I finally ended up finishing it all at 3am this morning. @_@

I woke up at 7:30am, and prepared for the lag, and went. I'm not planning on writing a post about it or anything, because I felt very hurt with some things that happened - and I really don't really think it's a good idea to say anything xD

But, omg - my inventory is totally clean, I was able to find the demos I got, and I am totally happy about that. ^^

Now - I am exhausted and I think I am going to take a nap. :D


So, I've decided to hire a builder. I've been unhappy with my store for a while - I just can't find places for things - such as an animation section I plan on putting up soon. It never really bothered me... until yesterday. I tp'ed to my store, and looked out the window..... and seen there was a TON of giant plywood boxes across the sim.

Curious, and planning on kicking whoever was obstructing my view, I flew over, to see - it was the other pose store on the Glenn sim. I inspected the boxes, and seen a familiar name on them. It appears this pose store owner hired my favorite builder to do a custom build for her.

I have seen when this builder did Eolande's build, and also Persona's older build - and I adored their stores. I thought hiring a builder was way to costly for me. Because - these are really established stores, and my store is extremely tiny. Anyway, seeing her getting this particular builder, I felt terrible, because even her plywood boxes already makes my store look like crap.

So - I sent a notecard to this builder, asking his prices, and if he is available in the next couple months. He told me that he doesn't have set prices, yet prefers to let the customer choose how much they want to pay. O.o; Seriously, that was probably the worst answer ever xD

I think I will be going through with hiring this builder - because its what I want for my store. He has asked me to write a notecard of what I want, but I then realized... I have no idea. I want to brainstorm here for a bit xD

I love simple things with clean lines. I am wondering about a second story (if I do decide I want one, I'd only do it if I could have a beautiful spiral staircase :P), but only along the outer walls, so you would be able to see the ads from the ground level. I also know I want a "New" section, a "Information" section (for gift cards and group things), a sitting area in the middle, as well as sections for Couple's Poses and (in the near future) Animations. And, I want the textures to not clash with the colors on my ads. It sounds like it could be easy, but in reality - I am terribly picky about builds. Bah.... anyway.


I was feeling pretty crappy about stress and stuff last night, so when Kagic logged on, we went to go explore Chakryn Forest. It's a beautiful build - really. I tried to take pictures, but every time, I got my camera angle right, snapped the picture - I looked around, and Kagic was nowhere to be found. :O So, I stopped taking pictures after a little while. xD


However, I did manage to grab one of us. It was damn difficult to grab a picture of us, because he was constantly moving around like a chicken with his head cut off - but at least I got one. :P


It occurred to me a few weeks ago - I retired all my fashion poses in my semi-retirement sale! zomg. I have to have some form of fashion poses, right? So, today, I had a brief flash of inspiration to make something, and - I made a few fashion poses.


I actually think they look pretty good. I've been really struggling with poses lately - I make several, upload them, and decided I hate them all. So, I end up deleting all of them in frustration. So, I'm really happy that I am pleased with these. :D

Also - I am trying to think of a name for this series of poses. I don't want it to be "Fashion" because that's too generic for me. I threw Fashion in through the Thesaurus, and it shot back "Vogue" and "Trend" at me, so now I am bouncing back and forth between those two. ^^

It seems Flickr groups seem to be the going thing lately. It appears all store creators are starting flickr group dedicated for their store... I am curious if I should start one as well. I am not sure what the point is - I was told it was to "encourage people to take pictures of your stuff", but I am still a little weirded out by the idea (I mean, I thought this was only something bigger stores should do?). Then again, I was weirded out when someone suggested I make an update group. I originally thought: Whaaaa? But, it turned out okay... so, I am curious about this Flickr thing.


Ok, so I thought about my window problem, and think I have some up with some expensive, working solution. I managed to bite my lip and purchase a set of sculpted doors and windows. I mean, I could use them later as well, right?


So, as Quaintly suggested - I tried her door idea first. It looked okay, though I am really struggling with it because the double doors don't rotate one way when clicked. No, they each go completely opposite ways, which is driving me nuts. Bah, seems I'll have to do a bit of scripting.


And, of course, the door wasn't enough for me. I needed windows. So, I put one in. I think it looks reasonably okay. (Oh, don't mind the plywood on the outside - I haven't gotten to texturing it yet xD). Seeing how that one turned out, I decided to try another window.


And, surprisingly, I think it turned out pretty well. I think I will have some prims through the sculpted windows, so they can be tinted and the people living in the house can have some privacy. I purchased a Home Control System script a while ago, so that will be good. :D

Another thing - my RL birthday is coming in a couple weeks, so I am planning on having a gift card sale. I don't really think people know IE has gift cards, so this might be a good opportunity for people to see them :D


So, I wanted to make using gift cards easier. I've replaced the little tiny single pose gift card sign in between the forward / back arrows, with this giant one on the wall. I hope it isn't too confusing. xD

I've contacted the creator of the gift card system about getting a furniture vendor that would work with gift cards, so people can use cards on my furniture pieces. He told me he was working on one, and it should be available in a few weeks. I really hope he finishes it -before- my card sale. Otherwise... I might have to put it off for a while. xD


And yes - I had too much time today. I wanted to take pictures of this cute maid outfit for my CSR fashion blog post, but got a little sidetracked and found myself with a broom, sweeping our home and posing for pictures. XD This makes me want to say: "Okaerinasai, Goshujin-sama!"



So, I started working on the skybox again, and I have to say, I don't think I am too pleased with how it is turning out anymore. When I showed it to Kagic - he asked: You aren't putting in windows? And my immediate thought was: Crap.


I thought a skybox wasn't supposed to have windows! So, now - everywhere I look in this skybox, I think, "Ah, a window would look great here." However, this is a huge problem for me, because I absolutely HATE texture windows. I know I don't have a choice most of the time... but if I am making this, I want it to be something I enjoy. That means: I need sculpted windows. -.- On SLX, they start at $600L and skyrocket from there. I think I need some time to decide if this is the direction I want to go. I've already dumped over $4000L into this project with buying textures and crap, so I am at the point where I am thinking: I'm too far into it to stop now.


Maybe I'll take a break from it for a while. Or not, because I am in my "MUST FINISH!" mode with it. T_T BTW - Sorry for the random furniture pictures thrown about, they are meant to show the progress I've made since I finished the kitchen. xD

But omg - the bed! I have to say something about it - I came across this amazing tool called the "PipeMaker". I made the fantastic headboard thing using this tool. It makes making curves and well.... pipe-looking things soooooo much easier. Rez it, adjust the size of the bottom prim, click the top prim, and adjust the curve, length and everything there. It is totally awesome and bypasses the need to adjust annoying mathematical disasters with cylinder to torus matching. It is full perms, so just send me an IM (or comment here with your SL name) and I'll drop a copy on you. ^^


However, I did take some time to try on the new Tuli skins, which I also blogged on FL here - so I apologize if some of you are seeing this picture twice! xD The S3 skins were the current ones out when I first took notice of Tuli and they looked absolutely terrible on my shape. However, every generation of skins after that looked increasingly better on my shape. This one, the new Elizabeth line, looks the best so far. I've always admired people who can really pull Tuli's skins off, because they are beautiful, and I could never do it. But, with this line, I think her skins look beautiful, AND now, work better on my shape.

But. Still not enough to drag me away from my current skin. *Sigh* (And yus - I was naked during that picture above xD)


OMG, I hate, hate, hate, hate organizing inventory. I find it utter cruelty that I am forced to do it. *sigh* I spent the majority of the day yesterday deleting countless amounts of hair, skins, shoes, clothing, and random things that I had no idea what they even were.

However, a miserable, bored Sai quickly finds other things to be amused with. While going through my skins folder, I came across some old Minnu Model Skins, from back when I was first introduced to them.... and of course I had to get a few pictures.


Minnu's Generation 2 skins, in my mind, were the best. I loved everything about them. After that, they just started to become "meh" to me. Gen2 looked beautiful on my shape, but as newer generations came out, they got worse and worse on me. Minnu took her skins in a completely different direction from what I prefer my "look" to be. But, the new skins look fantastic on other people, so that's good ^^

I still struggle with the thought that everyone and their grandmother wears Gala skins now, and I seem to have absolutely no originality anymore. I think, honestly, if I was to ever change my skin anytime soon, I'll probably go back to the Generation 2 Minnu skins. They are some of the best looking skins on my shape, that I have ever tried on.


But even trying on skins again could not keep my interest for very long. I soon found the Sick CSR gift again, and put on the gun to play with. xD I flew to the roof of our house and started taking pictures. Its a HUGE gun, and totally fun to take pictures of. /me wants to make poses now! :D

I am nowhere near finishing my inventory, and really - every time I think about it, I want to roll into an elf ball and huddle in a corner. *sigh*

Oh, and a little RL Rant here - Why is it people like to leave notes on my car, asking if I want to sell it? -.- Seriously, the note is always stuck to the windshield saying "I want to know if you are willing to sell your camaro. Please email me to let me know." So, it seems every week now, I have to email some random person, telling them that the car is not for sale. -.-; At least come to the door so I can judge you tell you in person. -.- Grrrr. Even IF I was to sell it (which will never happen, my camaro is my pride), I'd like to know the person who is interested in it. Bah.


Ah! I think I even finished the kitchen of the skybox I've been working on! I think it looks cute, though - I wish I had bought the stainless steel refrigerator textures, instead of the black ones. -.- The sink and stove don't match the refrigerator, which is really bothering me. The lighting also has scripted glow, which responds to the commands "glow on" and "glow off". :D I also might stick some lighting lines in there as well, so it they can both turn on and off with the same command... if I can figure out how to do it xD

Next - the bedroom! =.=;


I consider myself to be extremely lucky in SL. Not only do I have IE which is becoming semi-successful, I find myself surrounded by such amazing people. Many fun goofy people, and others so incredibly talented that I just marvel at each item they create, and others - are just a combination of both. One good friend of mine gave Kagic and I partnership gifts. I wanted to blog about it when I first got it, but - I wanted to wait for him to release it, so I can plug it a bit for him. :P

Now, what was this gift, you ask? A fantastic necklace by Yabusaka Loon. He asked me what he should make for his next project, and I said: Something with feathers!! I know he is totally creative, and will come up with something amazing. And... well, he did.


It looks stunning, and I was double shocked when I seen: he personalized it with Kagic's and my names! OMG. I almost cried when I seen it, because it was such a kind thing for him to do. I don't think that picture above really shows much of it, so I also took a closer picture.


He also sent me one to give to Kagic as well, which he seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. He hasn't taken it off since I dropped it on him, and you can even see him wearing it in my lingerie pictures that I posted yesterday. :D It makes me smile, knowing that he enjoys wearing it, because I didn't think men liked gushy stuff like that - so, I find it adorable xD

So, the plug, because I really think he deserves it. His blog post is located here (where he even mentions Kagic and I *squees*), where he explains how to go about getting one. He sells them as a pair, for a reasonable price of $1000L - with the customization included. :D I kinda wanted to post about this over at Fashion Labyrinth, but I really don't think I could have posted without putting in my insane amount of squeeing. For some reason, I feel more comfortable squeeing on this blog xD


So, as I mentioned briefly in my last post, Kagic says I should post more lingerie pictures on my blog. I am seriously baffled at this idea, because I have no clue WHO would want to see me parading around like a goofball in lingerie. Kagic has to, because I am always like: "OMG! Look at this lingerie I got!", and then change before he even realizes what's going on xD

I am extremely self conscious in RL, and that even carries over to SL for me as well. However, I gathered up a few bits of courage last night to snap some pics of me and Kagic. I apologize for those reading at work and such, but, I don't think Blogger allows me to do 'Cuts' here, so, just scroll down really fast!

Here are a few lingerie pics of me with my smexy partner, Kagic. (Heh, I swear, that never gets old. Calling him my partner is oddly satisfying. xD)


I do love trying on lingerie, I really do. I find some pieces really amazing and well done. However - trying on lingerie with someone else around... is more difficult. I'm constantly checking for nipples peeking out, if the bottoms cover me properly... and any imperfections like that.


It does seem to me that Kagic wants me to post lingerie pictures, but only when he is in them :P Which, is still strange to me, really. Even if I am in lingerie though, I am weird because I want him to keep his pants on during pictures. I might go out and buy him some boxers as a gift this week sometime. It sucks Moderno (the men's Last Call) closed, because they had the BEST man lingerie ever. :P


My lingerie folder is one of the largest in my inventory. I don't wear lingerie often, and there were periods of time where I thought about moving the whole folder to my trash (before I met Kagic, that is), but, I do hope to post a few random lingerie pictures here and there. I probably won't make a whole post about them like now, but just a little one every now and then. ^^


Oh! I also have to gush about these prim nails! These were released this morning by Pixel Mode, and I loooooooooove them! I purchased a prim french manicure by Fleur yesterday, and really enjoyed how they looked. So, when the notice for these sculpted manicures came out, I rushed over to get them. They are absolutely amazing looking :D When prim eyelashes came out, I was like.... Whaaaa?, but wore them anyway. Now, prim nails are coming out, and I am past the Whaaa stage - and am now obsessively using them :D

And, Kagic won't be back home until Sunday. *sigh* So, I'll be wandering around the grid looking for things to do until then xD


So, the way Kagic and I partnered was not romantic at all, so I wanted to do some kind of romantic celebration, where we can dress up and go somewhere quiet and beautiful to dance. I asked the Ch'Know group and a few friends for their favorite romantic place to dance, and got a ton of responses. I went to each one to see, but none was romantic enough for me. xD So, I remembered I still had about a week or so tier on my 1/4 OpenSpace sim land, so I decided to set something up there. Here was the place I took him:


Yeah, its goofy, freakishly romantic looking, and all that, but hey - I am a romantic. :D I took over 70 photos of our night together, but only kept 17 (which can be seen on my flickr set dedicated to last night), and this post will be a bit picture heavy.


It did take a bit of work to plan this. Not setting up the place though. I mean, picking something to wear, planning beforehand what I wanted to wear so he wouldn't stand there for an hour while I try to find things in my inventory, and making windlight settings. I had a vision in my mind, of what I wanted the scene to look like.


I did actually make two settings, which I flipped back and forth through. I liked them both, I couldn't choose which one I liked best :D The theme I went with was "fairytale" (mainly for the reason that I see my life in SL as my own personal fairytale) and I wanted everything to reflect that, from the location, dress, to the sky. ^^


I think everything looked fantastic though, I was really impressed with how things turned out. The skies definitely made everything look much more romantic, and I was amazed - really xD I wish Sparkle Skye made her wedding gowns mod though - it really ticks me off to spend thousands of $L on a dress, and I can't even tint the stupid thing so the prims don't look ridiculously lighter than the rest of the gown. I think that fact really ruined my pictures, because every time I look at them, my eyes zone straight to the lightness. -.-


Kagic was such a good sport through it all too. xD I had warned him yesterday that I had plans, so he logged in and almost immediately started to get ready. I do consider myself quite lucky to have been able to find and partner Kagic, because he is quite special to me. ^^ This was my way of letting him know that.


And, after something as geeky as that, I'd say its pretty obvious what the scene looked like once we got back home. :P It wasn't long after this picture was taken that I was trying on the lingerie that came with the gown for him. He actually wanted me to get a picture and post it, but a - "no lingerie/naked pictures" rule from a previous partner is still ingrained in my skull, to the point that it even FEELS weird to take a lingerie photo of myself. xD


So, a while ago - I decided I wanted to make a prefab home. I bought all the stuff for it (window tint scripts, home security systems, the whole works), and started one. However - I was completely overwhelmed and attempted to make one, but got so frustrated with it that I didn't get very far at all.

I was actually looking at purchasing the "Paradise Blanket" for Kagic and I, but when I went to look at it in-world, I thought... "Where are the sculpted prims and shadows?" The texturing and primwork on most of the modules look very outdated to me, and all I was able to think about was: I can probably make my own, without dumping the money down. I was wondering about learning scripting, to create a script that would rez/derez obects on command, but as I walked out of the Paradise Blanket store, I came across something called: DDKD's HoloREZ.

This seems to be a rezzer, where you can choose a scene to rez, and it will rez it for you. What is awesome is - with the purchase of an additional script (the rezzer itself is free, and comes with a few scenes), you can actually add your own creations to this rezzer. I think this is fantastic. The script is $555L, which was about half the cost of Paradise Blanket, so I was happy. I can make my own themes, which I am totally happy with for cheaper, I can have inspiration to just do single rooms instead of a whole house, I could sell my silly creations, and it gives me something to do. So, I think I like this idea :D


However.... I started on making a room last night. It started out as a kitchen, but then grew to a kitchen, living room and then a bedroom. I am thinking I'll turn this into a skybox home to sell, as well as drop a copy of it in my rezzer thing. I'm thinking of making custom furniture for this home, as well :D Making a skybox seems to be MUCH easier and less intimidating than creating an actual home for the ground and I am pleased with how this is turning out.


And, Kagic logged on for about an hour last night, and we had our first dance together since we became partners (and also the first time I seen him since then). :D I am also planning something for us tonight for out partner celebration, when he logs on. I wanted to do it last night, but he wasn't going to be online for very long, so I pushed it back to tonight. ^^ I'm excited, even if what I have planned is considered totally goofy xD

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