This morning I logged in to see an IM from the Azure guy handling the sim changes. He told me that they confiscated my land to combine parcels, and is now ready to be sold back to me. So, I went there, and bought my land back for the price of $0L. So, this meant... it was finally time to drop the new build down.

I decided to keep it facing the way it was for a while, until the ugliness migrates to Glenn. When that happens, I can just flip the build and be done with it. ... I think. So, I spent this morning getting things ready and laying down the new store.


It was more difficult than I thought, and I definitely learned a few things. For example: Land needs to be terraformed before putting in a building with a basement with Rez-Faux. XD The second story did not go into the ground as I hoped. Blah. Next time, I will know. I had one nightmare of a mess during this time, and tried to fix it as fast as I was able to ^^


And.... terraforming sucks. XD I've never had to terraform this much before, and it looks horrible below the floors. Oh. And don't tell the neighbors that half their land under their stores are messed up now. What they don't know, can't hurt them.... right? XD


But, the build looks pretty nice, actually. I am impressed with how it turned out, and I actually think I like it very much. A lot still needs to be done, and it will be in a constant state of fixing for the next few weeks, but - I am pleased with it, and think it will look good when it is finished.


After a few hours of terraforming, rotating and moving - I needed a break, so I set out to trying to get my new fireworks display working. This thing... is freaking cool. It has sounds, lighting, and the best looking fireworks I've seen in SL. I do plan on setting these off on Independence Day... probably alone. O.o;; If thats the case, I'll probably amuse myself by taking a machinima of them.. or something ^^


I have come up with a brilliant solution to the Glenn problem! After thinking about it - who says the building has to be facing my tier box? No one! I am free to rotate the entrance of my building to different directions. Heh heh heh.

And.. it just so happens that - the sim right next to IE is completely empty, and not for sale! :D W00t! I checked the acquired date: Wed Jun 30 12:57:52 2004. Haha, so it appears like nothing is going to be built on that sim in the near future.


So, if I rotate the entrance to my store... the view outside will look like this ^^ I feel much better about this now :D And, now I'll probably be quiet about it - because I have found a solution I am satisfied with ^^

BTW. I am having some serious, annoying internet problems at night. -.- It intermittently goes out, and disconnects me from SL at the most irritating times. Like, omg. I think I am going to have to call AT&T to see wtf is wrong with it. But... when I told the sibling to unplug the internet from Xbox Live... it worked perfectly fine. O.o;;


I bought the Rez-Faux system. Quite dumb really, considering I only need it once. I wanted to make dropping IE down easier when the time came, without losing pieces along the way. I searched around for a cheaper script system that does the same purpose... but came up empty handed.


This thing had the longest damn instruction notecard ever. -.- I don't think it could have been shorter and less complicated... but I hate reading instructions, and this was just insane. But - still, I think I have packaged my little store correctly... we will see in a few days (or maybe weeks? O.o;;) BTW, that is a new pose that is coming shortly :D

The notecard said they were going to have this sim change completed by the end of the month, but its already the 28th, and nothing much has been done to Glenn. However. I did take a glide around the surrounding sims, and it appears like the ugliness has already started.


Seriously. WTF IS THAT?! More importantly.... Why isn't there even a BUILDING?! *seethes* I don't even know what the hell those things were - looked like some rotating planets or something. -.-


Exhibit number 2. Anyone sensing a trend? -.- Put a freaking building on you land, people! I think no building at all is much uglier than some 89 story, neon purple monstrosity. -.- *fumes*

I think I am in a bad mood today. Maybe I should go back to bed.



Because I was asked... I had to. I made a special pose for this picture :D If you want it, for your blingis - feel free to IM me, and I'll pass it to you XD


Ok, so I just seen this, and I'm so freaking excited, I can't wait until tomorrow to post it.

First, a back story - New World Notes was one of the first SL-related blogs I came across, and I followed it for a really long time, before I found SL fashion. I found great sims through there, and enjoyed reading it. However, as time grew on, I moved over to the fashion blogs, leaving NWN behind.

I decided to go back to it and check out some older posts today. And omfg... I found this entry: Paparazzi Posturing. Now, why did it catch my attention? Thats MEH poses they are talking about!! *Bounces off walls*

OMG, I've been in such a pose slump lately - I think that is really what I needed to see to motivate me to get moving again. :D I think now... I might have to do the "Vicious Bodyguard" poses, complete with a two-by-four :P


So, the Hump Day Party the other night was a theme of disco - and I kid you not - this was the most difficult outfit I have ever had to plan. Considering I was born mid-80's I had absolutely -no- idea what a disco was. I did a google image search and came up with a few ideas.


This was my silly outfit. OMG, I hate to say it - but I was not fond of that hair at all. The whole time I was at the party, I kept thinking: "OMG, I hate this hair, I hate this hair, I hate this hair" to the point where I couldn't even focus on the chat. O.o;; The hair just constantly looked like it was too small for my fat head, because most of if is just flexi prims going all over the place. It drove me nuts. But- I had on some really cute Last Call flares, so that was good :D


I did have to leave a bit early... which sucked. -.- I even missed Alicia's late, grand appearance. *sigh* But, I did have fun during the hour I was there :D As soon as I arrived, I immediately started snapping pictures - everyone looked so cute! I took like... 30 pictures, which you can see in it's flickr set here, if you like. ^^

And - Please don't hate me - I know I've been slacking on Imperial Elegance new releases. I've really been trying to problem solve this annoying Glenn problem, and figuring things out. I think this could be a change for the better, and I am really trying to figure out what I want IE's "image" to be, and how to accomplish that. To me, IE is my sole reason for staying in SL, it brought me back when Bats left, and has kept me here ever since. So, yeah.

But I haven't forgotten anything! I am planning a special 12 pose sparkler pose set freebie for the 4th of July (which is Independence day here in the United States), and a special freebie group gift for my group members coming. I also have sword poses, depressed emo poses, and handbag poses in the works. I *am* working on new things, and I think they will possibly be put out all at once, to make one, uber-giant mega release. :D


*Sigh* With all these people getting partnered and finding 'other's', I think I'm getting a complex or something. T_T /me goes to sulk in a dark corner. :P

So anyway - I decided I needed a break from dealing with the Glenn stuff - so I set out to go shopping. I found myself at Armidi, and buying a couple of their new, adorable baby doll dresses. Unfortuantely, I was in one of my "blah" moods, and didn't think about what the skirts attached to. And of course - it was something other than the pelvis... which I dislike in any skirt.

I rezzed the skirt to put a new root prim in (a simple box in the center, so it would attach to other points with minimal rotating and frustration), took it to inventory, and put it on. It didn't look too bad, but the glitch pants were way to short, and looked really weird with my AO.


So, I spent all day like this on my pose stand in my known obsessive mode, attempting to fix it. I had to shorten each individual prim, and shrink each one to form a skirt. (Oh, the flat box is there so I know how short I needed to shrink the prims - all I had to do was shrink each prim until it meets the top of the box) ^^ I was really only done half way with editing when I snapped this picture O.o;;


However, I think the outcome looks pretty good. On the left is the original, middle is the same skirt attached to pelvis (with a little editing), and right is the finished edit. ^^ I am more likely to wear the one I edited now, because I never really like SL babydoll dresses - I can never get them to look right on me XD

I had meant to go shopping today for tonight's Disco Hump Day Party but.... well.... I was insanely sidetracked, and now it is a bit too late. I do have some really huge flared jeans.... and a few big hairs... so I might just wear them and a non-disco top.


So, I have come to the realization that this craptastic thing with Glenn will be happening by the end of this month, at the latest - so I needed to get it done and finished. I rolled several ideas around in my head for countless hours, and I think I have come up with a reasonable, interesting prefab, and workable idea.

I started by rezzing a tiny prefab (by Barnesworth, and was originally 20m by 20m) on top of my land to get an idea of the size, and because my land was 4 times the size of one of them, I rezzed 4 in total, in a cute little square. It was ugly sitting on top of IE. Because I didn't want it directly above IE (omg - eww), I moved it 700 meters into the sky so I can work and edit it while I wait for the land conversions. I really don't want to wake up one morning and find my building absolutely gone - so I want to get something ready in advance so all I have to do is drop it down.

And actually.... I think I am pretty proud of the way it came out. In case you haven't noticed, when I have a vision and finally decide to do it, I work pretty fast. I actually become obsessed with finishing it as quick as possible. (I also get tunnel vision during this time - where I completely focus on finishing and IMs get ignored... so if you IM'ed me yesterday/last night, I apologize! I was in obsessive-mode!)


So, here is the semi-finished outline of it. I did change a few things, but the frame is still the same. So, there will be a bottom level and a top level - the bottom half will be down below ground, like a basement of sorts. I plan on putting non-poses down there, and keeping the poses on the top floor. Possibly putting couple's poses on the bottom floor as well. I dunno.


I am not sure what I can put in the windows just yet... but I think I will put a little sitting area or something in between the two door openings. :D

Even though I have found my alternative to this annoying change, I am still very ticked off about it. I think I will wait it out for a few weeks, see how things progress with the changes.... and then decide if I want to stay or leave. Luckily - people are only allowed to terraform *below* their store, so I won't have to worry about horrendous mountains or something. XD I am glad I had enough prims for an entire additional 205+ prim store build above IE, because I would have been extra pissed if customers had to see this mess I had putting 4 prefabricated stores together (thank you Barnesworth, for Mod/Copy prefabs!!!!).

*Sigh* But, I am glad it is done, and now I don't have to worry so much. Now all I can do is wait for an IM from Azure so I know when I can drop this down, and finish my layout.

[EDITED to Say] Sorry if this turns out to be a "I hate" rant post, but I'll be better tomorrow once I get some sleep :D


Ok, I think I am going to have a problem with Imperial Elegance really soon. I received a notecard from Azure Islands (the owners of the sim IE is located on), stating that the land was going to be going through some changes. Well.... Huge changes. The reason I moved IE to Glenn, is because I loved the prefab/commercial zone they have there. I didn't need to shop for a new store or anything because one was already there.

Well. Now they are getting rid of them. Which really sucks for me. Now I will have to go shopping for a prefabricated store. -.- I am not really happy about this, because of several reasons.

  1. Prefab shopping. I hate it and have no idea where to begin looking.
  2. Now people are free to build whatever ugly monstrosities they want.
  3. I am lazy and REALLY don't want to re-do my entire store.
  4. I dislike changes.
However. There are some good things that this change will bring.
  1. The land my store is on will go up in volume slightly.
  2. For an extra $75L a week, I will receive around 300 more prims.
  3. I will no longer need the floor and wall prims to cover prefab ugliness.
  4. I will have terraforming abilities.
  5. I will now be able to create a lower level for more things.
I suppose the good things weigh out the bad... but I just reaaallllllllly don't want to change it. I mean... why change something that works? TT_TT


After seeing Meara with her super-cute fishing pole at the Hump Day Party, I decided to try out the fishing thing. I read the tips in my last post, bought myself a pro pole, some bait, and parked my bum to fish. It was surprisingly amusing! It appears to be something to do in between IMs, kind of like Tiny Empires. Which is great, because I can play Tiny Empires and fish while sorting inventory.


Seriously, I liked it so much, I even splurged and got myself one of those fishing kits, so I can use it on my own land! XD Its a fun little thing to do - as soon as I can think of a reasonably interesting name for my land, I might request to put it on the fishing area page of the official website.


What I love most about this - the things you catch are so cute! Like, I expected the fish to be little craptastic 1 prim photos that I see so often. But no, these are cute, full prim ones. Someone definitely spends a lot of time making these, which makes me keep coming back to fish. I always can't wait to see what I am going to get next.


I liked fishing so much, I even made myself a pose to put at the end of my dock! XD The head moves, as well as the right arm, so you can cast freely :D (BTW, If you want this pose for your fishing needs, feel free to IM me in-world, and I'll drop it on you :D)


Let me start off by saying: I don't like clubs. I never found the purpose of them in my first life, nor second life. Thats why I rarely go to them. I find myself organizing inventory or picking at my nails. However, reading Alicia's posts about her Hump Day Parties, they always seemed so fun to me, and they always seem like they have so much fun. So, I decided to take the RL dog for a walk earlier than normal last night, so I can go to this week's party.

It was actually very fun! It didn't seem like a club event to me - it was more like... a gathering of friends. Even if I don't really "know" any of the attendees, I almost felt like they were friends of mine, because I read most of their blogs all the time XD

They all kept the conversation interesting, fun, and comical - For the first time in the year that I've been in SL, I actually had a genuinely great time. :D I felt like I was part of the conversation there (because most of the time - my chat gets overlooked and ignored in most places) - which is a huge thing to me.


I took like, 35 pics - only a few of which I will show here. If you would like to see the rest of them, I have posted them on my Flickr page, where you can find them in their own set here.


I was actaully darn proud of my costume. The theme was "Fetish Fun" and my take on it was something other than leather, whips and latex. I dressed as a Japanese school girl! I debated either a school girl, or a french maid, but this outfit looked so much cuter :D


The adorable Alicia, and Cen :D They were so fun, and definitely the life of the party. ^^ (And Alicia - that skin looks soooo good on you! :D)


Aisuru definitely had the same idea as me! I think we were the only school girls there though. XD And she looked so darn cute ^^


I did my fair share of fangirl squealing though. Especially when I seen Elusyve pop in. OMG, she looked so cool. :P


And Meara - Sorry I couldn't get a proper picture of her in her fetish-wear! I was only able to grab a picture of her right before she left to go fishing XD (BTW - I need to learn how to do that game - I wonder if there is some kind of information around....)

So, this was my first time at one of these party things... and would I go again? Definitely! Actually... I've already got my outfit planned out for next Wednesday :D :D


Ok, ok - I'm not moving from my adorable Hbox Town home. I waited a really long time for it, the community is adorable, I have a mailbox with my name it (!!!), and the admins are 2 (possibly 3?) hawt, funny, eared pixel guys. :D

So, why did I go out and get new land? Well. Long before the opening spot at Hbox, I was eying some land by the Otherland Group. As time went on, I grew curious about it, and a few days ago, I finally decided to ask about it. Once I got details on the land, I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, and somehow found myself in the middle of house shopping for this land that I don't even have.

I found myself wanting it, and thinking about it so much that I couldn't sleep. So, to allow myself to sleep again, I bought it. (Well, *rented* it for an extra $10USD tier a month, rather than pay $80USD upfront cost).

I love Hbox, and will continue to keep that place. But, I would love to put things on - like a inventory sorting party, which is physically impossible at Hbox. That place was so tiny, I could barely move around with just myself in there. This place is huge, and can hold quite a bit of people... so thats good :D

Now, on to the pictures of my new 1/4 OpenSpace sim!


Its 1/4 sim, but most of it is water, because its one of those lower-prim sims, that cost less than normal. So, I have tons of room around me and my neighbors.


I was worried with prims though - I thought once I had my house and furniture down, I wouldn't have enough prims for landscaping. But, I was shocked at how many prims I had left. Even *WITH* trees. Surprisingly, when I was completely done laying down every prim I'd ever need here, I still have 361 prims left. Like omg.


This sim has a theme - Maledives. I had to IM one of the estate managers for clarification on what it is, and is apparently tiki/tropical themed. So, I went with a airy, yet enclosed tiki-looking home. Its cute, and I like it. I had to terraform the land to fit this house a tiny bit (which is a terrifying thought), but it turned out pretty well.


My waves! I bought these while I was living on Diamond Island with Bats. They were horribly expensive (but I hear they were surfable?), and I only had them out for like, 2 weeks before he left. So, I'm excited I finally get to bring them out again. ^^


I love how open and airy this house is. Its very fun, beachy and I think its cute :D


And yes. That is a palm tree inside my house. There is a hole in the roof that it grows out of, it seems XD


The bedroom of this house. Both this bed and the one at Hbox is... unscripted. Maybe I should fix that, to amuse myself a bit. Ah, I wonder if this bed is even modifiable? O.o;;;


Meh living room. I love fireplaces - so, this house definitely had to have a fire. I'm not entirely fond of the animated texture fireplace, so I may have to take that out and put my particle fire script in that I made a while ago. And maybe put my crackling fire sound in there. :D


The dining room. I guess for when I want to sit down and eat the toasted marshmallows that I burn in the fireplace O.o;;

Want to come visit? Feel free to. The SLURL is: Faridhoo (52, 59, 23)

I don't bite, really :D And omg. Yus! Tonight will be mailbox shopping! XD


I have officially had the worst semi-impulse buy... ever. It's so bad, I'll show you a picture of it, before I do my "official" post on it tomorrow.


I am tired and exhausted from tree/house shopping and decorating. Look for the rest of the post and details tomorrow - I am off to bed now!


So, I've been living in Harajukubox Town for a little over 10 days, and as of last night, my mailbox name still hasn't been changed. And~ when I went to pay an extra week of rent to my rental box, the cost for my extra prims hadn't been added to my total. I was frustrated, and suddenly set on moving out.

I started looking for home rentals and found a beautiful home, had its own island, 1000 prims, $2800L/week ... omg - it was amazing. And decided: if my mailbox isn't fixed by the end of the week, I was moving out.

So, this morning when I woke up, I immediately IM'ed the person who I rented at Hbox Town from about the prims, and they immediately fixed it. Ok, that made me a tad bit happier. I logged off for a while, then when I logged back on, I noticed someone on my mini-map, right outside my front door.

I cammed outside to see one of the sim admins (the person who fixed my rental box, and gave me the house tour) .... omg - as a guy. I swear this person was a female before. Shortly after, the other two admins came flying by, landing at my house. OMG, they were there to fix my mailbox! :D :D And! To make things even more awesome..... they were 3 handsome guys. *faints*

And omg - they were the most comical bunch I have ever seen in SL. from pushing each other around, to walking through prims... it was funny XD

Now, I know what you must be thinking: "OMG, calm down - its just a mailbox!" Hmm... no, not really. I found the mailboxes to be the cutest, most personable thing these homes offer. When walking through a normal residential sim, its usually "Oh, thats a house, and thats another house." Well, in Harajukubox Town, is like "Oh, Sai lives there, and so-and-so lives there". So, it becomes more of someone's home with a personality, rather than just 'another house'. With someone else's name on my mailbox, it was more like - "oh so-and-so lives there".... when, well.... they don't. I do. And it began to make me feel like I was living in someone else's home. Which is a feeling I dislike. Or perhaps I am thinking too much into it?

Either way - I got my mailbox fixed, and now with all the bugs worked out and squashed - I am loving this place once again :D


And because I don't want to give you just a wall of text without anything else to look at, here is a picture with my fixed mailbox! I'm sure you can't see it, and probably don't care - but I'm excited about it. I can finally say: "Dis ish meh home!" :D


I've been dealing with the linden support people on an issue I been having with the standard client (It immediately crashes on me), so, they suggested I uninstall and reinstall both the standard client as well as the RC one to see if that fixes it. I did it, and I felt incredibly angry at myself for not backing up my windlight settings before I did that. I spent hours configuring several of them, so I will be using this page to document them mainly for myself (so I always have a backup here), but if anyone likes them, feel free to check out the settings and copy them to your own viewer :D

This is the main setting I've been using for Fashion Labyrinth photos, and just picture taking in general. You can see the effect on avatars, land, sky and water in this picture:


And, here are the settings to get this. You may want to click on the above picture to be directed to my Flickr page where you can view it in a larger size. :D Also note that while it isn't necessary to wear a face light, I do, in fact wear one made by Caliah Lyon (which you can find in her windlight setting notecard at her store, Muse).


I do hope these work for you, and make your windlight experience better. The pretty skies aren't all that intimidating as you may think :D


Ok, this is part 2 of my "Harajukubox Town" post - Where I bore you all with the inside of my home XD

Now, as I said in my previous post, I was immediately TP'ed to the "bigger" home, which was located on the beach. With my new video card, I have a newfound love for the beauty of water reflections - so, I wanted to see that one first.


It was love at first sight. I loved it the minute it rezzed, and I didn't even care to see the smaller one - I knew this was the one for me. Initially, I was a little depressed that I couldn't see the water from all parts of the house, but I think I am over that now - I can just move my camera outside and see all the ocean I could ever want. And omg - I even have a sakura tree outside :D


A closer view of the patio area - I love my tree, and I even put a little chair and table out here. I bought them for a past house, and had to make them useful to me again :D


Now we go inside. I tried all my couches/chairs/living room sets from previous homes, and none fit or looked right. I knew I wanted black furniture to match my rug and coffee table, but it was sooooo hard finding a black sculpted chouch and chair that didn't look manly or made of leather. I found this set at a cute little store in tan - but after I inquired about a darker color to the owner, she tinted it on the spot for me to the exact way I wanted it. I think these look perfect :D


I also bought a set at The Loft, which didn't fit right, and I managed to stick one of the chairs in the corner with a table. I think this is a cute place for it - and I am glad I was able to get some use out of it. :D


And of course, I had to do my room with various stuff that I like. The okota and bunny didn't really have a place anywhere else, so I made this my "silly" room. Aww~ and the rose on the okota - I'm such a pathetic romantic XD


The bunny, which is in the silly room, with my favorite place to perch in the entire house. I love sitting on the window sill :D


OMG, I have something to say about these stairs. I hate them. They constantly look unrezzed to me, even after I select them, relog, clear cache, no matter how long I stand there for. I stand in my home for hours on end, and they NEVER finish rezzing. They are supposed to look like the picture on the left, but always look like the right to me. The reason it took me so long to do a post on this house is because I was waiting for the stairs to rezz properly. -.-


Up the stairs is my bedroom. The words on the wall say " 'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony' - Gandhi" And omg - All the walls in this house were like, GREEN when I moved in it. I had to beg, plead and cry to the landlord to fix them for me (actually no, all I had to say was "OMG green walls!" and she offered to change them for me XD). They are actually beige now, but my WL settings wash them out a bit.


This is probably the best view of the water I get. But, meh - I can't complain. It's an adorable house that I love so much, with or without water views :D


And, I can even stand on my veranda thing and attempt to do some sexeh modeling. :D I think I might put like, a pink plant or something outside. ^^

I did manage to put a internet radio thing on my land, and somehow.... I managed to get it to work! *beams* And!!! Omg, whats even cooler..... I found anime music stations! I love my anime, and dislike pretty much any other music - so finding Japanese streams to put on my land was a huge Yay for me :D

The prim limits are very reasonable. I have an allowed prim allowance of 275 prims - and I think I am at 266, with my home fully furnished. However, I did more pleading and begging for more prims - which they gave me 100 extra, for only $250L more a week.... bringing my weekly rent up to $1005L, I think.

Its a fun place to live and extremely cute. I think the only time I would leave it, is when I jump over to a 1/4 sim OpenSim (which I want sooooo badly) XD And again, I have no intentions of keeping my home secret - If you want to come hang out with me or want somewhere quiet, just poke me in-world, I'll probably send you a SLURL :D


I was *finally* able to get pictures of my newest home! I have been moving a lot lately because of various reasons. But first, a back story: A while ago, I was impatiently waiting for the Harajukubox Town sim to open up, because the preview pictures looked so darn cute! It was a modern Japanese town - themed residential sim, and I adored the look of it. When the day it finally did open... by the time Bats and I got there to rent one - they were all rented out. I was honestly heartbroken, because I had my eyes on one for a while. I occasionally went back there once a week or so, to see if they had any available... but never did.

One time, I went there, and noticed they had put up a wait list sign, telling you to IM a certain person to be put on the wait list for a rental. Its difficult for me to ask something like that, so I waited a few days while I mulled over in my head how to phrase it. I eventually got the courage to write a notecard and drop it on the specified person. She replied quickly, asked what size home I wanted, gave me a list of the possibilities, and I replied with: anything bigger than the apartment.

Shortly after, Bats left SL... leaving me homeless. So, I lived in my skybox, got tired of that, then moved into a rental, and moved again. After one week in my last place (gawd, I loved that house - the ocean view was amazing, it was huge - but it was soooooo expensive!), I got an IM telling me that two rentals were available, and she asked if I wanted to come look at them. I immediately said: Show me the bigger home! She TP'ed me, and I immediately fell in love with it. I didn't need to look at the smaller rental, because this one was for me.

But - since I took so many pictures, I want to split the home post up into one post today, and the other tomorrow. So, today - I want to show the community that I fell in love with at the very beginning.


This sim has a variety of homes, apartments, small homes, large homes and beach homes. All are *very* Japanese oriented. And, this sim is attached (and seemingly a part of) the famous Harajukubox sim, that is known for its neko shopping.


There are several houses among the sim, these ones can be found up on the hill, leading to the observatory. :D


They also have beach front homes. Each rental has their own little mailbox that the owners drop mail into. The mail consists of event information, so you don't have to worry about group notices not working - you always have it in your mailbox. :D And, your mailbox has hover text that displays your name over it. Though, I am still waiting for someone to come change mine TT_TT My mailbox has someone else's name on it.


And here is the observatory - I've actually never been up there, just cammed around up there to see things.


And omg - the shrine. I originally came to SL to explore Buddhism and Shinto, so being able to be on the same sim as a shine is really cool for me :D


And, the full sim picture. I love this community so much - its adorable, charming, and has some really great places to explore and hang out. Oh, and they even celebrate Japanese holidays and events like White day, and cherry blossom viewing :D

Tomorrow - I'll do a post on which house I chose, and the inside of my home :D

But, since today was the close of the BBBC, I want to answer the final question in this post as well: What did you get out of this whole experience? Do you think this will change how you blog in the future?

If there is one thing I've learned: People actually read my blog! O.o;; This blog is very unknown, so I didn't think people knew about it.... so, I only blogged for myself (which is quite rarely). But knowing people read my dorkiness now is like: O_O I mean, I never have anything amusing to say or anything cute to show - this blog is more of my "random adventures/creations" type of thing, so I never knew it would interest anyone. XD

Will it change how I blog? Most likely. I have motivation to blog more often, but I probably will never blog as much as Alicia.... who blogs several times in a day :P

And omg! Side note on something I *just now* seen! The Creators Stamp Rally 2008 Summer is coming in a few months! I love, love, love, loved the Winter one they had~ I can't wait to do this one! :D

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