Ok, I think I am going to have a problem with Imperial Elegance really soon. I received a notecard from Azure Islands (the owners of the sim IE is located on), stating that the land was going to be going through some changes. Well.... Huge changes. The reason I moved IE to Glenn, is because I loved the prefab/commercial zone they have there. I didn't need to shop for a new store or anything because one was already there.

Well. Now they are getting rid of them. Which really sucks for me. Now I will have to go shopping for a prefabricated store. -.- I am not really happy about this, because of several reasons.

  1. Prefab shopping. I hate it and have no idea where to begin looking.
  2. Now people are free to build whatever ugly monstrosities they want.
  3. I am lazy and REALLY don't want to re-do my entire store.
  4. I dislike changes.
However. There are some good things that this change will bring.
  1. The land my store is on will go up in volume slightly.
  2. For an extra $75L a week, I will receive around 300 more prims.
  3. I will no longer need the floor and wall prims to cover prefab ugliness.
  4. I will have terraforming abilities.
  5. I will now be able to create a lower level for more things.
I suppose the good things weigh out the bad... but I just reaaallllllllly don't want to change it. I mean... why change something that works? TT_TT