So, as old relationships come to a dramatic final end, Second Life goes on, and new relationships begin. I've recently came across a fantastic guy named Alee. He is someone who is absolutely adorable, totally sweet, fun, extremely talented, and makes me very special whenever I talk to him. :D


I flirted with him for what seemed like forever, and then he officially became my adorable boi on Friday night. It made me totally happy, and I found myself still smiling even the next morning. xD

He's a busy guy in SL, always building, making furnitures, photoshopping, or DJ'ing, but usually always makes time for me. And even sometimes, I get to sneak in a cuddle with him. Having a guy that DJ's is completely new to me, especially considering I'm not a clubber at all, but he always gives me the option to go or not, which I really like about him.

My Alee-luff makes me happier than I have been in a while, and challenges me to be more social and outgoing - whether he is aware of it or not.


During my awesome week in SL - I was asked to take part in something awesome, and I was so excited. However, I was not allowed to blog about it until it appeared in the store. Well, it appeared this morning, and I can finally tell the world about it \o/

Ready? Ready? Ready? *nudges* :D


I was asked by the lovely Sophia to model in a poster that would be displayed in Truth Hawks' store! OMG, I was like, so happy that I was bouncing off the walls. I've never done anything like it before, so it was great.


Also, a few good friends of mine - Sehra, Alicia, Sophia, and Pumpkin have posters on the walls as well. I love going through the store and thinking, "Hey, I know those people!!" and "OMG, that's MEEEEEE!"


They are all so fun to look at, and it definitely brightened up my week. Everyone looks so amazing, and Skyhawke from Sacred did such a fantastic job on all our pictures.

Sai's Poster for Truth

I figured I show my picture here as well, because it's just too amazing not to share. Thanks Sophia Harlow, and Skyhawke Sodwind, for giving me the opportunity to do something totally fantastic like this :D


I've been spending some time to myself lately, just focusing on having some fun and not worrying about anyone else for a while. I have stopped being so emo lately, and I have had one of the best weeks that I've had in a long while. It seems all the planets have been aligned this past week, and everything is awesome right now.

One of the most awesome things: I moved my home from Envision to live on Alicia's sim, Bluebonnet. I was reasonably unhappy on Envision, so I've been secretly waiting for an opening on Bluebonnet. When she announced she had some larger parcels open - I definitely jumped on one.

I love my new parcel - its bigger than the one I had on Envision, and its a corner parcel, which is awesome. :D While I lost my amazing sunsets on my west facing Envision land, I gained sunrises with Bluebonnet. I spent a good portion of yesterday setting up my new residence, and snapped a couple pictures.


I was unprepared for new land, and hunted, hunted, hunted, for a house large enough that I liked. It was total fail. I already have the majority of quality prefabs out there, due to my house ADD, and wanted something different, and new-ish. Total fail. I decided to set up a temporary house - a modded version of the house I loved the most - my Pixel Mode Alloy prefab. Its modded to be twice as big, and twice as difficult to furnish. xD But, I've made the landscaping to be my little tropical retreat already. :D


I've always wanted some little dance area, but a lot of the ones I've seen were either poorly built, or looked...... not very good. So, I attempted to use pieces from my house, and make a matching dance pavilion thing. I'm still not entirely sure why I wanted this, but I had tons of extra space on my land, and nothing to fill it with. I don't hold parties or anything, but now I seem to have a mini-club filled with slowdances. xD

I'll probably be showing a couple more pictures of it, as I furnish it - but these are the only two areas I'm happy with right now. ^^


Still really depressed from what happened a couple days ago, I decided to play around a bit, and explore somewhere beautiful. I couldn't find anywhere really fantastic that really caught my eye, so I decided to do something really different. Install the awesome Shadow Viewer and explore somewhere that would create incredible shadows!

A couple notes about the shadow viewer first: I would suggest running it on a semi-decent computer. My Nvidia GeForce 8600GT graphics card was not very happy, and grumping along as I snapped these pictures, but it wasn't entirely impossible to do. I can't see myself using this viewer often, probably only to snap scenery pictures. But, just to capture these fantastic shots, makes it totally worth it all.


So, the sim I decided to play around on is called Error. It was filled with lots of rocks, trees and random other things, so I thought this would be perfect to see how the shadow viewer looks.


I think this was some kind of store. There were a couple little furniture (I think that's what they were), and little ladder things for sale in a small-ish building. Also if you poke around the sim, you can find little signs with free stuff in them, that you get just for exploring around. So, its kinda like a... *gasp* hunt!


This probably isn't one of the best shadow viewer pictures I took here, but I still think it turned out pretty nice. It shows a little bit of the shadows :D


When windlight first came out eons ago, it was so amazing to me - it was kind of living in the dark, then suddenly having a light switched on. That's what this new Shadow Viewer did for me again. Its a completely new Second Life experience, and makes you see things in ways you never did before. Really.


As for the sim itself, it kind of reminded me a bit of Miriel's sim, but only with sand textures, and dead trees. It was still really pretty to explore, take pictures in, and experiment with shadow viewer settings.


The really sad thing about this viewer, was that my settings in other viewers weren't saved in this one. I had none of my windlight presets, and took all my pictures, without even realizing I had "High Rez Snapshots" turned off. So, I had to go back and retake all my pictures, and install windlight settings. It was total epic fail. xD


I actually had more fun snapping photos of the rocks and beachy area more than any of the trees and structures. I think they showed the shadows I was going for so much better than the trees did.


The sim had kind of a... lonely feel to it. Or maybe it was just my mood at the time, I don't know. But, it was the kind of feeling where you would just want to sit on the little dock thing here and wait for a boat to come in to the island. xD


This is probably my favorite picture out of this exploration trip. I love the rocks, the shadows, the trees in the background, everything. Its really great. The Error sim is really fantastic, it seems to be all over everyone's Flickr stream right now, so its definitely the place to be. I would totally suggest visiting it, and if you can, try out the shadow viewer there, its pure awesomeness.


However. What happened to my prim lashes in this picture? It said I was wearing them, but the viewer decided it wasn't going to show them to me. :( But, I was pretty impressed shadows worked on avatar attachments as well :O

Download the Shadow Viewer here: Shadow Viewer 1.23.
Explore Error here: Error (118, 176, 38)


So, some big things happened this morning. The major thing: Kamian and I - are no more. It was a fun time for me, but apparently, we were not "compatible", as he put it. So, he ended it with me, to go off to find his own happiness. I don't blame him, or myself - it just wasn't working out, I guess.


Tonight, I decided to be silly and dress in something totally fabulous, and dance around in my new, still empty skybox (which, BTW - I am incredibly pissed off that I *STILL* haven't gotten a response back from the creator about). I won't remain sad, I won't cry about it, and I will feel better eventually. But for right now, I want to thank that particular person who sat and listened to me rant for a long time tonight - she knows who she is. :D


Ok. Huge ranting post ahead. Beware of a not-happy Sai. I woke up to a not happy morning, and it continues to get worse. Anyway. My rant:

I bought a skybox..... yesterday. After being in the sky for a while - I began to like the privacy, the lack of client lag, and I loved not being able to worry about what the neighbors decided to pop up overnight. It was probably less than a week that I moved back to the ground that one of these things popped up overnight, which is nearly impossible to block out from my land. So, I went skybox hunting. Bought one, decided I didn't like it. Bought a second one today, which I've been eyeing for months - and was probably one of the most expensive things I've bought in SL, at $4999L.

I've visually taken the demo apart many, many, many times - deciding if I liked every piece of this skybox, considering the majority of it is no-mod. I wanted to be absolutely sure I loved the skybox enough to dump that much money on it. This morning, I decided to go ahead and get it, so I bought it, and the $500L scenery add-on pack as well.

Took it home, rezzed it, and immediately hated it. I'm not sure if it was because Kamian points these things out to me all the time, or something different, but I immediately noticed flickering textures. EVERYWHERE.


I thought: "Hmm, maybe it just rezzed wrong." Derezzed it, rezzed again - same result. Alright. Maybe it's the sim? Took it to my store's land on Glenn - same flickering textures. Maybe my graphics settings? Nope. Did the demo house have these textures? I TP'ed there TWICE to check - both times (and all the countless times I looked at in the months before), I seen absolutely no texture problems. It is the house I bought.


I am extremely sad about it, because I really loved this skybox. I can not modify it to fix the problems - the skybox is no-mod, which is why I was so reluctant to buy it in the first place. And I'm really kicking myself for it now.


But other than that, the skybox is really, really beautiful. Because $5499L is a huge amount that I have trouble allowing myself to spend, I've dropped the creator a notecard explaining the problem with included pictures. I really, really, really need to get *some* kind of use out of this, and I do hope he can either fix it - or give me a mod copy, so I can fix it myself. Seriously. WHY MAKE NO-MOD HOUSES!?!


The plus side is that I was able to get a pretty cute looking picture out of it. Kamian showed me some new, spiffy photoshop thing, and I've been playing with it. I also made a shadow - which turned out to be epic fail. It doesn't even match the shadows from the floor. But meh, I tried. ^^


So, I am still alive! I've been so busy lately, omg. My RL roommate has been in the hospital for the past week, in and out of ICU, so I've been hanging around up there while he was up there. Then I had to get poses done in time for the Bunny Hop hunt, and finish my store's releases for tomorrow. I've been busy busy, I was glad to finally have a little bit of a rest last night.

After seeing loads of pictures of those AIFriends kitties, I came across a picture of one of the corgi's they released before the kittens. And then I was reminded I had one of those corgi's. Since November 14th, to be exact. I remember I stopped playing with the corgi I had because it always insisted on attaching to me whenever IT wanted to, which annoyed the crap out of me. So, its been hiding in my inventory. But last night, I updated it to the newest version, which appears to have stopped the random attaching. :D


And, I finally see how adorable these dogs are. I am having a nightmare of a time resisting the call of the kittens as well. I think the only thing stopping me from buying a kitten, is that I can't decide which breed to buy! :O I love the silver tabby, the bengal and the siamese - they all look so adorable. Though, I can't get all of them, because I think the sim owner (and my neighbors) would hate me. xD


I think the corgis look the cutest while sleeping though. But then again, don't all dogs? I have several dogs from different places like Zooby's, Petz, Vooner, and VKC, but none seem to have the interactive-ness as these AIFriends animals. Which, make them more fun. I like giving them baths, feeding them, and playing ball with them. :D


On a side note, I've been reworking my AO quite a bit, trying to find lesser-known places to buy animated stands from. I managed to find some super cute place with the most adorable stands, walks, and poses I've ever seen. Since I make poses, I very rarely buy any anymore - but some of their poses were so cute, I just HAD to buy them. And, the one shown above just happens to be my new favorite pose. :D

But, I finally got my AO the way I like it, its silly at times, cute, and I love it. I'm finally glad I got acutal animations that I like and fit my avatar better than most. They aren't perfect, but still manageable. I don't lose hands in my boobs or butt like other animations do. \o/

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