Ok, this is part 2 of my "Harajukubox Town" post - Where I bore you all with the inside of my home XD

Now, as I said in my previous post, I was immediately TP'ed to the "bigger" home, which was located on the beach. With my new video card, I have a newfound love for the beauty of water reflections - so, I wanted to see that one first.


It was love at first sight. I loved it the minute it rezzed, and I didn't even care to see the smaller one - I knew this was the one for me. Initially, I was a little depressed that I couldn't see the water from all parts of the house, but I think I am over that now - I can just move my camera outside and see all the ocean I could ever want. And omg - I even have a sakura tree outside :D


A closer view of the patio area - I love my tree, and I even put a little chair and table out here. I bought them for a past house, and had to make them useful to me again :D


Now we go inside. I tried all my couches/chairs/living room sets from previous homes, and none fit or looked right. I knew I wanted black furniture to match my rug and coffee table, but it was sooooo hard finding a black sculpted chouch and chair that didn't look manly or made of leather. I found this set at a cute little store in tan - but after I inquired about a darker color to the owner, she tinted it on the spot for me to the exact way I wanted it. I think these look perfect :D


I also bought a set at The Loft, which didn't fit right, and I managed to stick one of the chairs in the corner with a table. I think this is a cute place for it - and I am glad I was able to get some use out of it. :D


And of course, I had to do my room with various stuff that I like. The okota and bunny didn't really have a place anywhere else, so I made this my "silly" room. Aww~ and the rose on the okota - I'm such a pathetic romantic XD


The bunny, which is in the silly room, with my favorite place to perch in the entire house. I love sitting on the window sill :D


OMG, I have something to say about these stairs. I hate them. They constantly look unrezzed to me, even after I select them, relog, clear cache, no matter how long I stand there for. I stand in my home for hours on end, and they NEVER finish rezzing. They are supposed to look like the picture on the left, but always look like the right to me. The reason it took me so long to do a post on this house is because I was waiting for the stairs to rezz properly. -.-


Up the stairs is my bedroom. The words on the wall say " 'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony' - Gandhi" And omg - All the walls in this house were like, GREEN when I moved in it. I had to beg, plead and cry to the landlord to fix them for me (actually no, all I had to say was "OMG green walls!" and she offered to change them for me XD). They are actually beige now, but my WL settings wash them out a bit.


This is probably the best view of the water I get. But, meh - I can't complain. It's an adorable house that I love so much, with or without water views :D


And, I can even stand on my veranda thing and attempt to do some sexeh modeling. :D I think I might put like, a pink plant or something outside. ^^

I did manage to put a internet radio thing on my land, and somehow.... I managed to get it to work! *beams* And!!! Omg, whats even cooler..... I found anime music stations! I love my anime, and dislike pretty much any other music - so finding Japanese streams to put on my land was a huge Yay for me :D

The prim limits are very reasonable. I have an allowed prim allowance of 275 prims - and I think I am at 266, with my home fully furnished. However, I did more pleading and begging for more prims - which they gave me 100 extra, for only $250L more a week.... bringing my weekly rent up to $1005L, I think.

Its a fun place to live and extremely cute. I think the only time I would leave it, is when I jump over to a 1/4 sim OpenSim (which I want sooooo badly) XD And again, I have no intentions of keeping my home secret - If you want to come hang out with me or want somewhere quiet, just poke me in-world, I'll probably send you a SLURL :D