Ok, so I just seen this, and I'm so freaking excited, I can't wait until tomorrow to post it.

First, a back story - New World Notes was one of the first SL-related blogs I came across, and I followed it for a really long time, before I found SL fashion. I found great sims through there, and enjoyed reading it. However, as time grew on, I moved over to the fashion blogs, leaving NWN behind.

I decided to go back to it and check out some older posts today. And omfg... I found this entry: Paparazzi Posturing. Now, why did it catch my attention? Thats MEH poses they are talking about!! *Bounces off walls*

OMG, I've been in such a pose slump lately - I think that is really what I needed to see to motivate me to get moving again. :D I think now... I might have to do the "Vicious Bodyguard" poses, complete with a two-by-four :P