Lets see here.... a few weeks ago, I purchased the personal version of the SmartSkirt script. I've played with it and noted the things I don't like about it, and the things I do like. So, last night, I went out and purchased the commercial version of it so I can use it in the skirts I sell in my shop. The skirts pictured above will be released at the Imperial Elegance shop on Wednesday, with the new SmartSkirt option. $4000L was quite a painful purchase, but I am hoping it will be worth it. I plan on releasing a regular version of the skirt, as well as one with the script.

Swan Lake Dream and Muse

I wrote a review of Nicky Ree's newest creation over at my fashion blog, but I thought I would mention it here because I love it so much. Its so totally adorable with feathers all over the place! There's three different skirt options as well as 3 different sets of prim arm attachments. O_o I love it to pieces.


Inari Shrine

It seems I haven't wrote about a shrine in a while. I have been coming across a few here and there, but never really took any pictures. However, when I saw this amazing Inari shrine, I knew I HAD to get some pictures. This shrine is actually part of a shop. I purchased some sculpted tiny prims from someone on SLExchange, and this was listed as their shop in their in-world profile. Curious, I went to take a look.

Inari Shrine 02

And it was amazing. I've always seen these things in anime, TV shows, and pictures from Japan, so it was pretty cool to see them in Second Life. It seems that the majority of this stuff is sculpted... the pillars as well as the walkway. I love sculpted prims.

Inari Shrine 03

The textures on these prims are amazing as well. I mean, how could something be so bright and so pretty at the same time? This has become one of my favorite places... its calming and beautiful. It was a fun trip.

SLURL: Queqiao (180, 200, 21)


Our New Home

Wee~ I haven't been blogging because lots of things has been happening! First, and most awesomely, is - Bats purchased us a second 1120meter lot... right next to our existing one! Yay~ We also went and got a new house to replace the old one, and even new furniture! Though, we had problems with the house, the creator kindly came and fixed all the problems we had with it. Totally awesome.

Sculpted Furniture

I love our new place (or as Bats likes to call it: our Castle). Its huge, pretty, and filled with awesome sculpted furniture! It was fun shopping for furniture, and totally frustrating shopping for a perfect home for us. But, it turned out really well - I'm am very happy with our new home.


September 11th Memorial

Yesterday was September 11th, one of the most known days here in the United States. So, after watching a few hours of 9/11 documentaries on the History Channel, I decided I wanted to go take a look at the memorial for the September 11th victims. It was absolutely amazing to see this sim filled with black marble - with the names of all the people who died. There were flowers left here from other residents, and even some roses stuck into the marble next to a particular name. If you want to check it out, you can do so on the World Trade Center sim.

Bora Bora

After the memorial, I dragged Bats with me to Bora Bora to have a photoshoot with my newest bathing suit. I got some really interesting pictures, but the one above was definitely my favorite. Bora Bora is probably one of them most beautiful public beaches I've ever seen. There were just so many great places to take pictures.


No way.

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber-Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

*Cries* I'm a nerd. Please tell me someone else has scored higher than that. -_-


Sand Shack Surf Co.

I attended two store openings yesterday. One was the new main store of Sand Shack Surf Co. A lot of people attended, and everything was rezzing so slow. The new shop was an interesting place, but there were a lot of red barriers around, covering some of the smaller vendor stalls. I was like: O.o Of all days, I would think that the smaller vendors would want to open on THAT day, when everyone came to the Sand Shack Surf Co. party. Or perhaps there was another reason why it had a barrier? *Shrugs* I didn't buy anything while I was there, I just wanted to check out the new location. It looks great, and it will definitely give Emma Gilmour lots of room to expand. ^_^

Zhao Shoes Opening

I also attended the opening of the new Zhao Shoes main location. OMG, there were tons of people who attended this party. Here, they had dancing, a DJ and all kinds of stuff. Zhao has some awesome shoes, but I was looking for a pair of black tennis shoes at the time, and all I found here was heels. Still, it was fun to see all these people, and support the opening of Zhao shoes ^_^


Tiny Empires

When I heard about the HUD game, Tiny Empires, I was simply like: O.o . But, something possessed me to go and grab a copy of the free trial version. So, what is it? Its a simple game that you play in the background, in which your goal is to buy land with earned gold, and climb up the hierarchy. I really enjoy this game because its great for passing time while I wait for IMs. When I am out with Bats, he is usually the only person I talk to, so I play Tiny Empires while I wait for him to type back to me. Interested? You can grab a free trial (or the full version for $499L) in Kitster (144, 41, 53).


I wonder what mainland would be like, if people were not obstructing your view from the things you enjoy the most? I bought this land, for the purpose of making skirts and things, but I never expected to stare at a giant, depressing library tree all day. I think a brick wall would have been better to look at. Yes, I know, it is mainland - people will do what they want - but, couldn't he had of made it pink or something? Or even yellow? Oh, and then not to mention he completely screwed up the scale settings I had on my photosphere. I mean, seriously. I put a red barrier up for a reason - To keep morons away from the sphere. -_-


Nicky Ree - Grace

Yeah, I broke down and bought another Nicky Ree dress. I know I said that I wouldn't buy from her again, but after trying and looking many other dress designers, no one can compare to Nicky Ree. Her dresses have all the features I love plus more. This particular dress, the Constellations Grace in Gold, I have been drooling over for months. I just wasn't sure about the length of the train. I am totally not fond of dresses with a long train. But - I bought it anyway, thinking it wouldn't be so bad. I get it home, and try it on... to find I absolutely hated the train.

Grace - Modified Train

So, what is a girl to do? After shrinking it to fit my shape (Nicky Ree dresses are always so big on my avatar!), I came up with an idea to simply take a few of the back panels off. I copied the original and got to work. Luckily, it was totally easy, and my result was a dress I am now totally in love with.

On a side note, I started my own fashion blog, that will review the products I purchase (including this Nicky Ree gown) and inform people of new sales happening all over the grid. If you are interested in reading fashion blogs, feel free to come check out Fashion Labyrinth.



Yesterday was my RL birthday, and Bats kindly donated some of his Sunday to spending time in SecondLife with me. He bought me this amazing cherry blossom kimono, as well as a necklace and a collar (thank you so much Bats~~). I was totally excited about the kimono, so I went and bought the most elaborate hair I could find. After all, it was for my birthday with Bats, I had to go all out, right?

More Kimono

So, Bats got himself a kimono (as well as some poses from Reel Expression!), and we set out to do our kimono photoshoot~ It was fun to really see how my new photosphere backdrops looked, and I am totally impressed. I love them all. Our photoshoot was interesting, but I did get some good shots. Thanks for being so patient with me while I was trying to get the perfect shot, Bats~ O.o


After the photoshoot in the sphere, it was back to our beach for some hanabi launching. It kinda reminded me of the 4th of July - the night before we became partners. It was a fun, interesting birthday on SecondLife. ^_^


Zero Point

Ok, in my last installment of Thursday nights exploration trip, I'm going to talk about Zero Point. This place was insane, crazy and totally bazzar. What made it that way? All the gnarly, eye burning colors, as well as the weird, out of place objects. However, it was pretty interesting and made my computer (as well as my eyes) go into spaz mode. There was only one reason I decided to come to this place for though... and that was:

The Vomit Comet

The Vomit Comet. It is a roller coaster type of experience that takes you through all different textures, particles and it definitely was an experience to remember. ^_^

SLURL: Kelham (162, 106, 0)


Reflexive Architecture

Ok, so this place definitely isn't the prettiest place I've seen, but without a doubt - it is the coolest so far. It is the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture. This is one of those places that you just have to experience to really understand it. This place is made up of different sets of prims that do weird, interesting things as an avatar walks near them. One area will raise blocks around you (and as you move, they move with you), while another area will push prims away from you once you get near them. If you have no idea what I am talking about, but care to see it, you can check out a video of it, or just go check it out in-world. Its very fun, amusing, and definitely worth the trip. ^_^

SLURL: Architecture (193, 112, 601)

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