18 / 365


I spent my time in SL today decorating our house for Christmas. Then got cuddles with the husband afterwards, so today was a good day. :D



Too busy to say much - but today's 365.



I shopped all day long, and woke up at 4am this morning to spend monies during RL Black Friday.

15 / 365

This is what I feel like doing right now.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Have a safe holiday, and be safe tomorrow for Black Friday.


And yes, I'll be out shopping tomorrow too.


Today's 365 photo, taken in our bedroom.



I have to run out and buy a Vogue every month, just to drool at the clothes in it. Every month, Burberry runs, what I consider - the best advertisements in the magazine. Their coats look so amazing, and all the time I think - man, I'd kill to have a coat like that in SL (mainly because I know I can't fit my fat RL butt in a Burberry coat). Obviously I was so excited when I seen this new release.

12 / 365

I did an internal \o/ and ran to pick it up and snap photos.


When I heard Stiletto Moody opened up her group with her group gift shoes still out, I went into all sorts of embarrassing squeeing, and HAD to go get them. I was quickly reminded why I don't buy Stiletto Moody shoes anymore, once I put them on. XD

The shoes are nice, but man. Not only are they a pain in the rear to tint, but I can never get them to sit right on my feet. I spent literally, all day yesterday tinting them, rotating, resizing, and making an AO type thing that locks my ankles in place so they don't mess up.

With tinting these, its a constant battle of "Oh, maybe I need more blue" *clicks the + blue button* "Nope. Maybe less red..." *repeat over and over while banging head on desk* I wish more prim feet creators had a notecard of settings for popular skins, like Maitreya does. Maitreya's notecards saves me sooooo much time in tinting.

11 / 365

I think I did a pretty good job, all things considered. They aren't a perfect match to my skin tone, but I have no more patience left, and I don't think I can get them any closer. xD


My favorite part of the day is logging off SL in the arms of my husband. He can turn the worst day into one of the best. :D

10 / 365


It may seem silly, but one of my favorite parts of the house, is where the washer and dryer is. It's in the kitchen, but I love the super cute soap and laundry basket. :D



I'm running out the door to pick up the relatives, but here's today's 365 post, taken in our living room.



Tomorrow marks my 2 month ascension into hell, when family members come from out of state to visit me. I'm so not looking forward to it, and I know I'll be in a really crap mood for the next 2 months.

7 / 365


It snowed on Bluebonnet (where my husband and I live now), so I spent yesterday morning dropping down trees and making our plot look wintery. I haven't laid down the snowmans and stuff yet - I'm determined to get past Thanksgiving before I decorate for Christmas. xD

6 / 365

On a RL side note, I have fallen in LOVE with this scarf. I neeeeeeeds!


I'm doing pretty good with this 365 project so far, and - its sooo fun too. It's really getting me out of our house, going around new different sims and looking for a good place to take a photo.

5 / 365

And, its been really fun playing in Picnik and trying new post processing effects.




3 / 365


I really love fall. The smells, the air, the changing leaves, the wheat, and the weather.

2 / 365

And SL is just so beautiful in the fall sometimes.


I'm still alive, I swear. I've been dealing with some drama, which has sapped tons of energy from me, but has in return been my blessing in disguise. It's made me take a closer look at people I consider friends, and rid myself (taken off my friends list and muted) those who need cleansing from my life. And, I thank my husband, Jeffry, for everyday he talked me down from doing something incredibly stupid on a whim that I would regret later. So, I have channeled this negative energy into a couple positive projects and various different things in SL.

One of these things being - this little project that Chestnut Rau has going on. The project is simple - for 365 days, you post a picture of your life in SL. I intend to participate, its such a simple, great idea. And I'd love to see how I grow throughout the year.

Jeffry / Sai

While, I am rarely alone in SL - I spend most of my time with my husband. And we are usually at home together, cuddled up in bed, or on our hammock. So, I think the majority of my posts about this will be photos of Jeffry and I. I've asked him if he was okay with this - and he seems to be all for the idea. :D

I'll also definitely miss some days in this project, but I'm thinking it should be fun to at least get 300 blog posts through a year. :D

And, I have spent all morning working on changing my blog layout. It's a premade free layout I found on the interwebs somewhere, but I did some tweaking, to it, and am SO excited its up and working. *basks in her awesomeness*

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