Now that I am not on an OpenSpace sim anymore, I can bring out a few scripted objects that I've been hoarding. One being: a pet. I have accumulated a few pets in my SL lifetime, and when I seen Dorothy's post today on the fashion feed, I was reminded about how adorable they are. Of course, I had to go pick up that cute lab she featured (but honestly - the $1500L price tag almost made me cry).


So, here's a picture of a few of my pets. I have a black panther (which is fin to ride in the Africa sim), a black and white kitty, and the dog I purchased today from Petz. I really don't know how Kagic feels about having a pet, so I'll have to wait until Monday to ask him. I like this little lab though - I bought a bandanna for her though, which is totally cute :D

Oh! I have a TV story, which really proves how much of a moron I really am! So, I went out to buy a TV. I searched on SLX for one, and fell in love with the Zone TV. It was shiny, and the best I've seen. However, it was expensive, and a bit more than I wanted to pay, at $1200L. So, I went to see it in-world, to make sure it worked, before I dumped the money on it.

Well. I couldn't get it to work. I stood in the demo area for 45 minutes, and no matter what I did - nothing happened. So, I sent out a IM to the Ch'Know group, asking if anyone purchased one of these TVs before. No one had, but Cobe (the one who forced me to meet my furniture idol) offered to figure the TV out for me. And, well.... it worked perfectly fine for him -.- He worked with me for probably over a half hour, troubleshooting my problem, but eventually gave up. I searched on Google about issues with streaming media in SL. I came across a Torley tutorial video, where he mentions streaming .mp4 videos, which, I believe - requires Quicktime.

Well, wait. I recently restored this computer, and haven't installed much back onto it. So, I installed iTunes and Quicktime.... went back, and well... It worked perfectly fine. O.o;


So, I bought the TV. It is preeeeeety, and after I had someone from my land group deed the receiver for me, I spent the rest of the night poking at it, watching/searching YouTube videos, and seeing how it works. Its totally cool, with a touch screen and all :D I also had the land manager guy deed my radio player as well - so I can put better suited music on my land - the player that came with the house sucked really bad XD

/me goes off in search of a copy of the new Breaking Dawn book. :D