It occurred to me a few weeks ago - I retired all my fashion poses in my semi-retirement sale! zomg. I have to have some form of fashion poses, right? So, today, I had a brief flash of inspiration to make something, and - I made a few fashion poses.


I actually think they look pretty good. I've been really struggling with poses lately - I make several, upload them, and decided I hate them all. So, I end up deleting all of them in frustration. So, I'm really happy that I am pleased with these. :D

Also - I am trying to think of a name for this series of poses. I don't want it to be "Fashion" because that's too generic for me. I threw Fashion in through the Thesaurus, and it shot back "Vogue" and "Trend" at me, so now I am bouncing back and forth between those two. ^^

It seems Flickr groups seem to be the going thing lately. It appears all store creators are starting flickr group dedicated for their store... I am curious if I should start one as well. I am not sure what the point is - I was told it was to "encourage people to take pictures of your stuff", but I am still a little weirded out by the idea (I mean, I thought this was only something bigger stores should do?). Then again, I was weirded out when someone suggested I make an update group. I originally thought: Whaaaa? But, it turned out okay... so, I am curious about this Flickr thing.