So, a while ago - I decided I wanted to make a prefab home. I bought all the stuff for it (window tint scripts, home security systems, the whole works), and started one. However - I was completely overwhelmed and attempted to make one, but got so frustrated with it that I didn't get very far at all.

I was actually looking at purchasing the "Paradise Blanket" for Kagic and I, but when I went to look at it in-world, I thought... "Where are the sculpted prims and shadows?" The texturing and primwork on most of the modules look very outdated to me, and all I was able to think about was: I can probably make my own, without dumping the money down. I was wondering about learning scripting, to create a script that would rez/derez obects on command, but as I walked out of the Paradise Blanket store, I came across something called: DDKD's HoloREZ.

This seems to be a rezzer, where you can choose a scene to rez, and it will rez it for you. What is awesome is - with the purchase of an additional script (the rezzer itself is free, and comes with a few scenes), you can actually add your own creations to this rezzer. I think this is fantastic. The script is $555L, which was about half the cost of Paradise Blanket, so I was happy. I can make my own themes, which I am totally happy with for cheaper, I can have inspiration to just do single rooms instead of a whole house, I could sell my silly creations, and it gives me something to do. So, I think I like this idea :D


However.... I started on making a room last night. It started out as a kitchen, but then grew to a kitchen, living room and then a bedroom. I am thinking I'll turn this into a skybox home to sell, as well as drop a copy of it in my rezzer thing. I'm thinking of making custom furniture for this home, as well :D Making a skybox seems to be MUCH easier and less intimidating than creating an actual home for the ground and I am pleased with how this is turning out.


And, Kagic logged on for about an hour last night, and we had our first dance together since we became partners (and also the first time I seen him since then). :D I am also planning something for us tonight for out partner celebration, when he logs on. I wanted to do it last night, but he wasn't going to be online for very long, so I pushed it back to tonight. ^^ I'm excited, even if what I have planned is considered totally goofy xD