I consider myself to be extremely lucky in SL. Not only do I have IE which is becoming semi-successful, I find myself surrounded by such amazing people. Many fun goofy people, and others so incredibly talented that I just marvel at each item they create, and others - are just a combination of both. One good friend of mine gave Kagic and I partnership gifts. I wanted to blog about it when I first got it, but - I wanted to wait for him to release it, so I can plug it a bit for him. :P

Now, what was this gift, you ask? A fantastic necklace by Yabusaka Loon. He asked me what he should make for his next project, and I said: Something with feathers!! I know he is totally creative, and will come up with something amazing. And... well, he did.


It looks stunning, and I was double shocked when I seen: he personalized it with Kagic's and my names! OMG. I almost cried when I seen it, because it was such a kind thing for him to do. I don't think that picture above really shows much of it, so I also took a closer picture.


He also sent me one to give to Kagic as well, which he seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. He hasn't taken it off since I dropped it on him, and you can even see him wearing it in my lingerie pictures that I posted yesterday. :D It makes me smile, knowing that he enjoys wearing it, because I didn't think men liked gushy stuff like that - so, I find it adorable xD

So, the plug, because I really think he deserves it. His blog post is located here (where he even mentions Kagic and I *squees*), where he explains how to go about getting one. He sells them as a pair, for a reasonable price of $1000L - with the customization included. :D I kinda wanted to post about this over at Fashion Labyrinth, but I really don't think I could have posted without putting in my insane amount of squeeing. For some reason, I feel more comfortable squeeing on this blog xD