Actually, a few people asked me: "How did you organize your inventory?!" My answer: "Very painfully XD". But seriously, this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time - writing about how I organize folders in my inventory. I really wish more people would share tips and such, because I really struggle with mine, and I know other people do as well. So, in case people want to see mine, I will bare all for you! :D


On first impressions, my inventory is pretty basic, using the same standard Animations, Clothing, Sounds, Objects, etc. folders as when you start SL. However, once you open any of the given folders, it's a completely different story. Believe it or not, there is a method to my madness here - and I will try to explain the best I can. XD


My entire inventory is a massive collection of folders within folders... within folders. I tried to picture my strategy in the above screenshot, but I'll give you the basic formula to the way I organize:

Inventory > Clothing > Item Type > Subtype > Designer > Item - Color

Confusing? @_@ Most likely. So, here are two examples of it, based on the picture above. To find both the Ribbon Boots in Black, and my favorite Annyka hair, these are the folders I'll have to navigate through.

Inventory > Clothing > Footwears > Boots > Shiny Things > Ribbon Boots - Black
Inventory > Body Parts > Hair > Long > Aden > Annyka - Black

.. LOL, Yeah, its a nightmare. XD However, there really isn't any other way around it. Sometimes, if I only have one item from a designer (and the item is mod!) I'll change the name to the format [Designer's Name] Item - Color, and put them in the appropriate folder. A few examples of this is at the bottom of the Long Hair folder. ^^


I do try to use all my system folders - even if I have no use for them. For example - my Sounds folder. I really have no need for sounds (all the sounds I could ever need are in the library), so I use it for gadgets and such. I love scripts, and I love playing with them, so I needed them to have their own section. I ripped out my sounds, and compiled my gadgets and nifty scripty things all there.

And umm.... I guess that's about it. If you have questions, or a comment, feel free to shoot them at me - I really don't bite. But, I really hope this has helped someone in some way or inspired someone to show theirs - I always love seeing other people's inventory pictures, to get tips, tricks and ideas for ways to do mine. ^^