A few things today, actually... but first, a bit of information. I use Google Reader to browse my favorite blogs and feeds, and I love Google Reader to pieces. I never check the fashion feed, or anything, I get it all from my trusty reader. :D So, imagine my shock when I see this on my main page:


:O I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously. Then to top it off, when I checked out the otehr recommended feeds, I seen this:


:O :O People are seriously subscribed to my blog feed?! More importantly - 26 people are subscribed to my blog feed?! :OI luff you guys :D

Something else that is interesting happened. Yabusaka, one of my most favorite sculpted jewelry makers, dropped his latest jewelry set on me to review. I IMed him a few days later, requesting black and silver colors - which would look incredible on this particular set. He made the necklace, and asked me if it looked okay. I told him it looked amazing, and then he asked me to do a favor.

This little thing he requested of me blew me out of the water. O.O He asked me to take a picture of it, with me wearing it, for the vendor ad. I said "What?" wondering if I read right. But nope - it was true, he wants me to model this particular set of jewelry for his ad O.O I made a special pose for it, which I think shows each piece, and it looks pretty good. ^^ I might send the pose I made through to my group as a special gift. I have soooooo much poses and stuff I want to send to my group, but haven't boxed up yet. XD But, speaking of my awesome group members....

My update list was at 1054 members when I checked this morning!!! :O OMFG. I just about fell straight out of my desk chair... again, I was soooooo freaking shocked. :O