Gaw! I am amazed at the interest people are showing in the AO I finally released yesterday! From what I seen, right after I sent the notice to my group members, the sim had 55 people in it, only one of which was not in my store! :O I have honestly NEVER seen my store that busy before, which was totally shocking.

Though, I did have a mess up. When I put the wall of $1L items, I totally forgot to reset the scripts! So, they still said the original prices when the person went to buy them. I had like 5 people IM me all at once about it, and I ran as fast as I could to fix it. I apologized until I was purple. Gawd~ I felt soooooo terrible! I just KNEW I was forgetting to do something, but I couldn't place what it was TT_TT

But, I fixed the problem right away, and am now seeing fantastic mentions in blogs about my store. I've seen one here, here, here, and even in Fricka's blog here. I am sooooo glad people are taking an interest in the AO I created, and even taking time to thank me in-world. It really gives me inspiration to continue on what I do. :D


It appears there really might be some interest in my silly little candle things I made for my home. I've recieved a few IMs, asking me for them. So, I did stick a color change script in them, and dropped them on the people who requested them. :D Seriously, if you want them - poke me and I'll send you the set ^^

Also - If you read my blog often, you probably know that my DSL internet is a royal pain in the rear, and disconnects me often. I've been dealing with this annoying issue for a few months, and finally switched internet providers today. So, now I am on cable. I don't really know what the differences is between DSL and Cable, but - I really hope this fixes my connection problems. :D

And lastly - I should mention some of the new projects I've taken on. I was contacted the other day to make a AO for the larger shaped girls out there, which - I have gladly taken on the challenge. So, I'm working on that this week. I do plan on offering this AO for free as well, right next to my Casual Girl AO, when I finish it. :D Oh - it has come to my attention that - I retired all my normal clothing modeling poses in my last sale! :O So, I was also inspired by a certain Victoria's Secret catalog - to do some more normal poses. ^^