So, yesterday - I decided it was time to move from my Otherland Openspace sim. I'll be doing a post about this tomorrow, so I won't really go into details why yet, but for now, I want to tell about something else that happened last night. :D When Kagic logged off last night, I used furniture from my previous homes, and put them all together to see what ideas I could come up with for furnishing our new home. I suddenly had a vision, and needed a few more furniture pieces to complete it. Off I went to my favorite furniture store, The Loft.

I tp'ed in, and immediately seen Colleen Desmoulins, the amazing talent behind The Loft. I was taken off guard because she was barefoot, and in a bathing suit - right in front of the tp point. O.o; In my insane fangirling moment - I sent an IM through the Ch'Know group and Cobe, who had no idea who she was, told me to tp him. Me, being totally easily embarrassed, refused - because I had no idea what he was going to do.

I went on, looking and drooling at all the pretty furniture, then suddenly. Cobe appeared on radar. T_T I ran back to protect Colleen from the weird Cobe, but she was apparently AFK. When she came back, omg - I took off running. I'm extremely shy, especially around such people I admire so much, so I didn't really want to be caught staring... or something.

Apparently, she talked to Cobe in IM (what he said to her, I will probably never really know for sure), but the next thing I knew, she was tp'ing us to her workspace in the sky. :O Now, I really love to see how people work, the environment they work in, and what they are working on. So, to see something like this, from one of my favorite designers - has always been a freakish dream of mine.

We got to see a beautiful outdoor set she was working on, and I looooooooved it. Apparently, she wasn't happy with how it looked... which was mind boggling to me. It was the best looking outdoor set I've ever seen. O.O I had no idea what I did, but suddenly, she sent me the set. Omg.

We chatted for a bit, with me glossy eyed and drooling all over the place, and she took us to see a bed she was working on. It was apparently made for an apartment on Minnu's sim, and not to be sold. It was one of the best looking beds I've ever seen, and I swear I almost drowned all 3 of us in my river of drool. :P And suddenly - she gave this amazing piece of work to me! */me dies and goes to a beautiful furniture heaven.*

We chatted some more, and she showed us some projects she's been working on - including a fantastic looking kitchen! OMG. It was soooooooo pretty. And! Bathrooms~ These were the two things I've always wished The Loft would come out with - and, I'm extremely excited she's been working on them! :D

Unfortunately, she had to attend to RL for a bit, and left... leaving me still pinching myself. O.o I finished shopping for the chair and fireplace I originally went for (and ended up with several more impulse buys), and went home to admire everything I got and purchased.


I have put the outdoor set out on our patio area, and I totally love it. Its a little prim heavy at 65 prims for the set, but - its gorgeous. While we were there - she told us that she may change these by the time she decides to release them, but she might leave them as is. So, I could possibly have a special set :D


Bed perfection. OMG. The second I went into the room where this was, I swear, my jaw hit the desk. I adore this bed, but I'm really not sure how Kagic would feel about it. We had actually went and picked out a bed together right before he logged off (actually, this bed, only in a different pattern, and in red), so I'll have to rez this for him to see how he likes it.

I was reminded that designers are goofy peoples too! :D I'm also so terrified of designers and bloggers, because I look up to them so much, and I never want to become a bother to them. Some of them are sooooo busy all the time! O.O But, Colleen was sweet, funny, adorable, and totally nice. I wanted to give her a fangirl glomp, but that might have gotten me banned for life :P

So, thanks to Cobe for letting me meet one of my idols last night :D