So, last night at the Strawberry Hunt thing, I seen the most ADORABLE looking horses ever. I'm definitely a city girl, and have no interest in horses IRL, but I when I seen these particular horses on the sim where the hunt was in SL, I wanted them. Now, several people know - when I want something, I can't stop thinking about it until I get it (I blame that on my grandparents, who spoiled me rotten :P).

I inspected the horse on the sim, and found it was created by Fiona Branagh, and she had a store listed in her profile. I finished the hunt (omg - that Tuli skin, I swear, she is the most generous person ever!), and went to check out the price of the horse. OMG, my heart sank when I seen the listed price. $4000L. :O That was waaaaaayyyyy too much than I wanted to pay for a little whim of mine.

Looking about as I rode the demo horse around, I seen the "Mare" version, which was a more reasonable price. I thought about it CONSTANTLY last night. It was just one of those weird things that I need, even though I know I'll never use it XD So, this morning, I woke up and hunted on SLExchange for a horse that cost less. I found only one other sculpted horse, made by an avatar at Caledon, Virrginia Tombola. I went to look at them, but I was a little depressed she didn't offer demos of the specific horse I wanted. So, I went back to Fiona's, shut my eyes, and purchased the mare.


It's actually surprisingly fun to play with. I bought several "Riding" outfits at the Last Call sale, not knowing when I'd ever need them. So, I put one on and took a few pictures in my little work skybox. I love the look of this horse - from the twitching tail, to the textures. She is very beautifully done, and I think if I was more into horses, I'd be looking into the differences between the stallion and the mare. I am not sure what is so different between the stallion and the mare - to make their prices so considerably different. (For the record, yes - I know a mare is female, and a stallion is a male. :P) But, on these particular SL horses - what does the stallion do, that the mare doesn't? I couldn't find an answer to this in the FAQ notecard.


It is also ridable, and I am amazed at how well the horse animates. When I tried the demo of Virrginia's horse, it wasn't as smooth as this one. I am quite pleased with this prim animal. I might try making some poses, but I'm not sure what the demand is for poses with a horse. XD


This mare came with several different versions, a standing version, wearable version, grazing version.... @_@ But, the notecard appears to be well written for morons such as myself. :D AND! Updates are forever free. Woot! Now... off I go to pick up the freebie saddle for it :D .... and head to the Viva La Glam sim. XD