So, as I mentioned briefly in my last post, Kagic says I should post more lingerie pictures on my blog. I am seriously baffled at this idea, because I have no clue WHO would want to see me parading around like a goofball in lingerie. Kagic has to, because I am always like: "OMG! Look at this lingerie I got!", and then change before he even realizes what's going on xD

I am extremely self conscious in RL, and that even carries over to SL for me as well. However, I gathered up a few bits of courage last night to snap some pics of me and Kagic. I apologize for those reading at work and such, but, I don't think Blogger allows me to do 'Cuts' here, so, just scroll down really fast!

Here are a few lingerie pics of me with my smexy partner, Kagic. (Heh, I swear, that never gets old. Calling him my partner is oddly satisfying. xD)


I do love trying on lingerie, I really do. I find some pieces really amazing and well done. However - trying on lingerie with someone else around... is more difficult. I'm constantly checking for nipples peeking out, if the bottoms cover me properly... and any imperfections like that.


It does seem to me that Kagic wants me to post lingerie pictures, but only when he is in them :P Which, is still strange to me, really. Even if I am in lingerie though, I am weird because I want him to keep his pants on during pictures. I might go out and buy him some boxers as a gift this week sometime. It sucks Moderno (the men's Last Call) closed, because they had the BEST man lingerie ever. :P


My lingerie folder is one of the largest in my inventory. I don't wear lingerie often, and there were periods of time where I thought about moving the whole folder to my trash (before I met Kagic, that is), but, I do hope to post a few random lingerie pictures here and there. I probably won't make a whole post about them like now, but just a little one every now and then. ^^


Oh! I also have to gush about these prim nails! These were released this morning by Pixel Mode, and I loooooooooove them! I purchased a prim french manicure by Fleur yesterday, and really enjoyed how they looked. So, when the notice for these sculpted manicures came out, I rushed over to get them. They are absolutely amazing looking :D When prim eyelashes came out, I was like.... Whaaaa?, but wore them anyway. Now, prim nails are coming out, and I am past the Whaaa stage - and am now obsessively using them :D

And, Kagic won't be back home until Sunday. *sigh* So, I'll be wandering around the grid looking for things to do until then xD