So - I have less than a week before my big 50% off store card sale. I am kind of excited about it, and curious how it will do. I think if this works out okay and people are interested, I'll do another around Christmas time - for those people who like to give Christmas gifts to their friends. I know when there is a gift card sale, I buy tons at a time, because I love to have cards when I love something, but don't want to go buy $L (I am a broke college student, you know :P). So - I am hoping people like this, because it is pretty much 1/2 off everything (well, except for the furniture, because I haven't received the card compatible vendor yet).


So, I spent this morning preparing for the sale. I made cards to hang on the wall, so they are easy to see and buy. This way, I'll you'd have to do is Right Click and Buy, instead of find the kiosk and pay. I also finished up the new "fashion" inspired pose set, which I've called "Vogue". So, all this is waiting in my skybox, waiting for release next week. ^^


Oh, and omg - the VIP Member BareRose hunt! BR hunts are always fun, and I love the stories. This one was no different, and I had to try it out. I found some interesting things, such as this dress, and this dragon that sits on your head. xD


There was also a dragon avatar in the hunt. I have several dragon avatars, but none from Bare Rose.

And.... why do I have that annoying Peanut Butter Jelly Time song stuck in my head?! Bah. Probably from that Family Guy episode that was on TV the other day xD