So, BareRose added a lucky chair to its new Maid Cafe, and restricted it only to its VIP members.... AND put the timer on for only 2 minutes. Yay! I waited for a bit, and eventually got the gift. :D


I played with windlight settings, and snapped this picture of it. ^^ I love how easy it is to take pictures in June Dion's creations, no matter what pose I was in, it just begged to have a photo taken of it. xD


And, last night at the hump day party, Elora wore a really awesome outfit that I said: "OMFG, I NEED!" to. I inspected her, because it was much easier than just ripping the outfit off her avatar - and later went to hunt the outfit down. I spent almost an HOUR! hunting for that thing! But, its cute, and I actually have fun roaming the grid wearing it. :D

And, am I the only one who is unbelievably excited about Nora opensourcing her skins?! Eloh Eliot skin templates were good, but there was a ton of things I don't like about them. Nora's skins are beautiful, stunning, and I will get the chance to play with them! OMG. *bounces off walls* I think, this might be the chance I have to get a skin that not everyone and their mom has. I can make one personalized for me! :D