So, the way Kagic and I partnered was not romantic at all, so I wanted to do some kind of romantic celebration, where we can dress up and go somewhere quiet and beautiful to dance. I asked the Ch'Know group and a few friends for their favorite romantic place to dance, and got a ton of responses. I went to each one to see, but none was romantic enough for me. xD So, I remembered I still had about a week or so tier on my 1/4 OpenSpace sim land, so I decided to set something up there. Here was the place I took him:


Yeah, its goofy, freakishly romantic looking, and all that, but hey - I am a romantic. :D I took over 70 photos of our night together, but only kept 17 (which can be seen on my flickr set dedicated to last night), and this post will be a bit picture heavy.


It did take a bit of work to plan this. Not setting up the place though. I mean, picking something to wear, planning beforehand what I wanted to wear so he wouldn't stand there for an hour while I try to find things in my inventory, and making windlight settings. I had a vision in my mind, of what I wanted the scene to look like.


I did actually make two settings, which I flipped back and forth through. I liked them both, I couldn't choose which one I liked best :D The theme I went with was "fairytale" (mainly for the reason that I see my life in SL as my own personal fairytale) and I wanted everything to reflect that, from the location, dress, to the sky. ^^


I think everything looked fantastic though, I was really impressed with how things turned out. The skies definitely made everything look much more romantic, and I was amazed - really xD I wish Sparkle Skye made her wedding gowns mod though - it really ticks me off to spend thousands of $L on a dress, and I can't even tint the stupid thing so the prims don't look ridiculously lighter than the rest of the gown. I think that fact really ruined my pictures, because every time I look at them, my eyes zone straight to the lightness. -.-


Kagic was such a good sport through it all too. xD I had warned him yesterday that I had plans, so he logged in and almost immediately started to get ready. I do consider myself quite lucky to have been able to find and partner Kagic, because he is quite special to me. ^^ This was my way of letting him know that.


And, after something as geeky as that, I'd say its pretty obvious what the scene looked like once we got back home. :P It wasn't long after this picture was taken that I was trying on the lingerie that came with the gown for him. He actually wanted me to get a picture and post it, but a - "no lingerie/naked pictures" rule from a previous partner is still ingrained in my skull, to the point that it even FEELS weird to take a lingerie photo of myself. xD