OMG, I hate, hate, hate, hate organizing inventory. I find it utter cruelty that I am forced to do it. *sigh* I spent the majority of the day yesterday deleting countless amounts of hair, skins, shoes, clothing, and random things that I had no idea what they even were.

However, a miserable, bored Sai quickly finds other things to be amused with. While going through my skins folder, I came across some old Minnu Model Skins, from back when I was first introduced to them.... and of course I had to get a few pictures.


Minnu's Generation 2 skins, in my mind, were the best. I loved everything about them. After that, they just started to become "meh" to me. Gen2 looked beautiful on my shape, but as newer generations came out, they got worse and worse on me. Minnu took her skins in a completely different direction from what I prefer my "look" to be. But, the new skins look fantastic on other people, so that's good ^^

I still struggle with the thought that everyone and their grandmother wears Gala skins now, and I seem to have absolutely no originality anymore. I think, honestly, if I was to ever change my skin anytime soon, I'll probably go back to the Generation 2 Minnu skins. They are some of the best looking skins on my shape, that I have ever tried on.


But even trying on skins again could not keep my interest for very long. I soon found the Sick CSR gift again, and put on the gun to play with. xD I flew to the roof of our house and started taking pictures. Its a HUGE gun, and totally fun to take pictures of. /me wants to make poses now! :D

I am nowhere near finishing my inventory, and really - every time I think about it, I want to roll into an elf ball and huddle in a corner. *sigh*

Oh, and a little RL Rant here - Why is it people like to leave notes on my car, asking if I want to sell it? -.- Seriously, the note is always stuck to the windshield saying "I want to know if you are willing to sell your camaro. Please email me to let me know." So, it seems every week now, I have to email some random person, telling them that the car is not for sale. -.-; At least come to the door so I can judge you tell you in person. -.- Grrrr. Even IF I was to sell it (which will never happen, my camaro is my pride), I'd like to know the person who is interested in it. Bah.


Ah! I think I even finished the kitchen of the skybox I've been working on! I think it looks cute, though - I wish I had bought the stainless steel refrigerator textures, instead of the black ones. -.- The sink and stove don't match the refrigerator, which is really bothering me. The lighting also has scripted glow, which responds to the commands "glow on" and "glow off". :D I also might stick some lighting lines in there as well, so it they can both turn on and off with the same command... if I can figure out how to do it xD

Next - the bedroom! =.=;