So, I started working on the skybox again, and I have to say, I don't think I am too pleased with how it is turning out anymore. When I showed it to Kagic - he asked: You aren't putting in windows? And my immediate thought was: Crap.


I thought a skybox wasn't supposed to have windows! So, now - everywhere I look in this skybox, I think, "Ah, a window would look great here." However, this is a huge problem for me, because I absolutely HATE texture windows. I know I don't have a choice most of the time... but if I am making this, I want it to be something I enjoy. That means: I need sculpted windows. -.- On SLX, they start at $600L and skyrocket from there. I think I need some time to decide if this is the direction I want to go. I've already dumped over $4000L into this project with buying textures and crap, so I am at the point where I am thinking: I'm too far into it to stop now.


Maybe I'll take a break from it for a while. Or not, because I am in my "MUST FINISH!" mode with it. T_T BTW - Sorry for the random furniture pictures thrown about, they are meant to show the progress I've made since I finished the kitchen. xD

But omg - the bed! I have to say something about it - I came across this amazing tool called the "PipeMaker". I made the fantastic headboard thing using this tool. It makes making curves and well.... pipe-looking things soooooo much easier. Rez it, adjust the size of the bottom prim, click the top prim, and adjust the curve, length and everything there. It is totally awesome and bypasses the need to adjust annoying mathematical disasters with cylinder to torus matching. It is full perms, so just send me an IM (or comment here with your SL name) and I'll drop a copy on you. ^^


However, I did take some time to try on the new Tuli skins, which I also blogged on FL here - so I apologize if some of you are seeing this picture twice! xD The S3 skins were the current ones out when I first took notice of Tuli and they looked absolutely terrible on my shape. However, every generation of skins after that looked increasingly better on my shape. This one, the new Elizabeth line, looks the best so far. I've always admired people who can really pull Tuli's skins off, because they are beautiful, and I could never do it. But, with this line, I think her skins look beautiful, AND now, work better on my shape.

But. Still not enough to drag me away from my current skin. *Sigh* (And yus - I was naked during that picture above xD)