So, I swear, the planets have been properly aligned for me the past few days. It utterly amazes me, and leaves me shocked. I have three new good things to share, and I'm soooooo freaking excited. First, and most importantly!!!! :D


OMG. Kagic and I are partners! I've wanted him to be my partner for a while, and hinted around it, trying to get a feel for his thoughts, but it never seemed to be something he was into. Instead, I planned on waiting until he decided to ask me. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me, to make him not want to partner me.

I hated only calling him my boyfriend, my guy, or "the guy who lives with me". I wanted us to be official, and call him something much more meaningful. Yesterday morning, I was hit with the realization that - he has no intentions of asking me to partner with him (after all, I had to ask him to be my official boyfriend, right?). So, I decided to take the matters into my own hands, and ask him myself. Being the worrier that I am, I thought about it all day. Should I just send a partner request? Considering that he's not stupid at all - should I hint around it again, hoping he would catch on? Should I just blatantly ask him straight out? Would he hate me if he said no? I am not a spontaneous person at all, so in my mind, something like this should be planned carefully.

He logged in that night, and I was still mulling over what to say. It seemed to be ALL I was able to think about, to the point that I was annoyed with not being able to forget it and have a decent conversation. XD I was probably unbelievably quiet to him last night, as I thought about how to phrase my question. 20 minutes before he had to log out, somehow, I managed to blurt out: If I asked you to partner with me, would you reject me?. Haha, really, thinking about it now, it sounds so lame. I thought about it for so long, and thought of EVERY possible outcome.

Though, I never expected his response. It was a simple: "no", which left me stunned and wondering... what? What made it so weird was because he's usually not really quick at responding to questions, but his reaction here was like, instant. Like he had his response typed before I even had the thought in my head O.o; Really, I had no clue what to say, because I had thought of every other scenario, but that was not expected. He actually was totally okay with partnering me, considering he thought of us partners already. (But I'm such a traditional freak, I wanted it official :P). We chatted for the rest of the night, with me still in shock, telling him that asking him was ALL I could think about. Seriously, why did I make it so much harder that what it could have been? O.o


This afternoon, he surprised me once again, by logging in super-super early for him. He sent me a partner request, which, of course, I hit accept as soon as I seen it in my email inbox. :D So, this little Sai's partner box is filled. :D We were like partners before, but now its official, and I am still totally excited that I can call him totally mine now :P Thank you - Kagic, for putting up with my silliness and my even sillier requests all the time. ^^

Second thing that happened: I got the Analise silks from the lucky chair without waiting hours upon hours! I love Analise silks, but because I never wear them (just like to collect, I guess), I can never bring myself to pay for them. So, I love the lucky chair gifts. I went in to the store, waited a few minutes for the chair to change, someone TP'ed a friend for the letter that appeared, and then it turned to an S. omg. That -never- happens to me. O.o; I quickly TP'ed away before the chair had a change to say: "Ok, changed my mind, give it back."


As I said in my last post, Yabusaka asked me to model a color of his jewelry for his vendor ad. I agreed, made a special pose for it, took a picture and sent it to him. Isn't the finished ad amazing?! OMG, when he emailed them to me, I kid you not - my eyeballs escaped from their sockets. :O It looks sooooo pretty. AND! OMG. It says "Sai ver." :D :D :D /me bounces off walls.


And, I am working on a new piece of furniture! My partner, Kagic (Haha, I sooo HAD to!) and I have a very tiny room which we have our TV in, and its one of those rooms where - absolutely nothing fits, nor looks good. So, I set out to make my own piece of furniture for it. I wanted something comfortable - the kind of thing that you could enjoy falling asleep on, and also something that we could cuddle on while we watch TV together. So, I made this! :D I think it looks adorable, and is totally what my vision was. I've also been hunting down some pillows that don't look perfect. I love the messy, thrown about look, and these on this couch look fantastic. ^^ I love sculpties. :D I've fitted this couch with the MLP system, so you can cuddle (no sex in this couch), or lay/sit alone. I think it looks good, I might sell it, and various different colors. And, of course - the candles will be sold with it. :P