So, I've decided to hire a builder. I've been unhappy with my store for a while - I just can't find places for things - such as an animation section I plan on putting up soon. It never really bothered me... until yesterday. I tp'ed to my store, and looked out the window..... and seen there was a TON of giant plywood boxes across the sim.

Curious, and planning on kicking whoever was obstructing my view, I flew over, to see - it was the other pose store on the Glenn sim. I inspected the boxes, and seen a familiar name on them. It appears this pose store owner hired my favorite builder to do a custom build for her.

I have seen when this builder did Eolande's build, and also Persona's older build - and I adored their stores. I thought hiring a builder was way to costly for me. Because - these are really established stores, and my store is extremely tiny. Anyway, seeing her getting this particular builder, I felt terrible, because even her plywood boxes already makes my store look like crap.

So - I sent a notecard to this builder, asking his prices, and if he is available in the next couple months. He told me that he doesn't have set prices, yet prefers to let the customer choose how much they want to pay. O.o; Seriously, that was probably the worst answer ever xD

I think I will be going through with hiring this builder - because its what I want for my store. He has asked me to write a notecard of what I want, but I then realized... I have no idea. I want to brainstorm here for a bit xD

I love simple things with clean lines. I am wondering about a second story (if I do decide I want one, I'd only do it if I could have a beautiful spiral staircase :P), but only along the outer walls, so you would be able to see the ads from the ground level. I also know I want a "New" section, a "Information" section (for gift cards and group things), a sitting area in the middle, as well as sections for Couple's Poses and (in the near future) Animations. And, I want the textures to not clash with the colors on my ads. It sounds like it could be easy, but in reality - I am terribly picky about builds. Bah.... anyway.


I was feeling pretty crappy about stress and stuff last night, so when Kagic logged on, we went to go explore Chakryn Forest. It's a beautiful build - really. I tried to take pictures, but every time, I got my camera angle right, snapped the picture - I looked around, and Kagic was nowhere to be found. :O So, I stopped taking pictures after a little while. xD


However, I did manage to grab one of us. It was damn difficult to grab a picture of us, because he was constantly moving around like a chicken with his head cut off - but at least I got one. :P