I attended Alicia's birthday party last night, and it was filled with all sorts of craziness XD It started out with dancing, and eventually moved on to onigokko. (Because, you know I am onigokko-addicted.)


I took tons of pictures! I think I took 78? O.O; All of which you can see on my flickr set here, if you want. Though, I will show my favorite pictures here :D


Yay! Sunsets! Someone mentioned at the party how nice it looked during the sunset, so I had to try it - and it looked very pretty ^^


Its easy how a party can go from Fun to Crazy. Especially when Meara has to break out the Stay-Puft avatar - it makes me laugh soooooooo hard every single time I see it. And then - her onigokkoing in that.... omg XD

Here's my group onigokko video! A few notes: I have no idea what happened to the quality on this one. This was the first time I loaded Fraps onto this computer since the restore, and I think I did something wrong during capturing. Also, I have no idea who was doing the farting gestures/noises, and I tried to block them out - but I failed. Sorry XD And speaking of - Fraps is finally letting me capture sounds now o.O; Seriously, wth? Also my first attempt at moving the camera while recording - so, sorry if its choppy and funky looking :D

So, Happy Birthday, Alicia!