So, I was assaulted by some super weird inspiration for a pose set last night. I was driving to Starbucks with a friend, and the moon looked incredibly weird. We argued whether it looked more like a clipped toenail or a Dreamworks logo, but, somehow, my thinking changed to: I wish I could sit on it and look down at the world.

So, I was still thinking that when I logged into SL last night before I went to bed. I found myself making a crescent moon, and thought: omg - this needs poses!


However - I don't think this will be a normal pose set. I want to try incorporating the MLP system into it. I want it to be that you click on the moon, and it rezzes a poseball, and you can click the pose you want. That's my silly vision for this - and I hope it works the way I want it to - because I have tons of pose ideas swimming in my head for this! :D


Also, I finished a new couple's pose last night as well! I think this turned out fantastic, and much more better than I could have even imagined. For now, I'm calling this one: "My Angel, Returned". The inspiration for this was oddly sad. Was supposed to be a man who lost his girlfriend/wife, and then she came back, in spirit, to check up on him - only to leave again. But, for some reason, when I finished it, it seemed more happier, like he was pulling her in to stay. :D I think it turned out great. ^^

And, I also went to BareRose and FINALLY got new clothes for my poor neglected man-alt, Nuai. I've decided to keep him fashionable for my ads. So, every time I post a new ad with him in it, I'll buy him a new set of clothes. :D I do wish I could find him a decent pair of free shoes though. T_T