Why does it have to be so freaking hot here in California? Gawd, my allergies are going insane and I've been melting all weekend! T_T Anyway -

It appears that the creator of IE's gift card system is not going to finish the furniture vendor in time for my gift card sale. It really sucks. So, now I have to decide if I want to wait on it, or just go through with it, with a notice saying cards don't work on furniture. *sigh* If I do wait until I get the new furniture vendor, it would kind of defeat the purpose of the sale. I wanted to do this 50% off gift card sale for my RL birthday, and if I wait.... well... it wouldn't be for my birthday anymore. Bah.

I've been working on my fashion pose series, and I have 9 poses so far, and still need to finish 3 more. So, its coming along pretty good :D I'm totally excited ^^


I also have plans to release this pose that I call "Mina" into the lucky board when I finish the fashion poses. woot! :D

And yus - Horse poses are in the works ^^