My origninal plan was to wait until September 2nd to drop the new build down, but I am an extremely impatient person, and I wanted it done as soon as possible. XD So, I spent last night setting everything up - I think it turned out surprisingly well. :D


I thought this would take up my whole lot, but I actually have a bit of room to grow in. I should be able to stretch a few prims, and expand my store a few meters, if I feel the need to. But really, I am looking around and pricing a few bigger lots around the surrounding sims. I have my eye on a few - and I have no problems moving to a bigger place if I feel the need to. Right now though, this is working fine for me.


Don't worry though - the freebies are still there. :D I love having little sitting areas in my store - I think they are a cute, personal touch, so the main reason I bought this prefab was because of this central area. It was a fantastic place to put a couch, and a easy to spot freebie section.


I also decided to lower the price on some of my least favorite pose sets, mainly because I feel they are not up to par with my current ones, or the demand isn't very high for them. So, I am debating between $10L or $25L each for these. Not sure yet.


I love the arches, and they made perfect places to hang signs from. I still have some room to expand here in this main section, so I think that is really good, and was really what I was stressing out about.


Heh, I seriously love this sitting area. XD Also in the background are the stairs. I know people hate stairs in SL, so I will be putting in a teleport arrow thing that will allow you to bypass the stairs completely. ^^


Oh, and probably the most important change - I rotated the entire store to face a neighboring sim, which has been completely empty for as long as I've had a store in Glenn. So, no more ugliness outside my window. :D


And, I've been sooooo excited about the release of the Nora PSDs, and she finally released them last night! Woot! So, I played with them this morning, and created my own makeup. It's simple, but I think its totally cute and came out well. IM me if you would like a copy of it. ^^