I'm going to make a house! I'm really excited about the idea - its really something I've wanted to do ever since I got my own land for my store. I just never had the skill to tackle it. But, now I have more skill in prims and dealing with textures, so I think I have the courage to attempt it. :D

I found some really cute textures for floors, walls, railings, and even found a neat little script that controls locking doors, lighting and even window tint. I'm excited to finally be making the first steps to creating houses. I think it would be incredibly rewarding to have made the place that a person lives in. I know that my SL home is my sanctuary, a place to escape from things, and if someone purchases a house I make, I would feel incredibly honored to have created their sanctuary.

... Or perhaps I am just thinking about it to much. But, I did work on it a bit today - and I have... the stairway entrance. XD


My idea here is to just do the entire house in white prims, texture, and align positioning and textures with Prim.Docker. This home probably won't be small enough for like, a 1024 plot, but something more like my store area.

So far though, its coming along pretty well. :D