First, let me say: I've been a busy little Sai these past couple days! I have finished my handbag poses, and am almost done with the sword poses! Here's a small preview of two I just finished:


I have 11 poses, and need 1 more pose idea (if anyone has any ideas for the last pose, shoot them at me, and you'll get the entire set for free if I use the idea!). Gah~ posing with a sword is a lot more difficult to find pictures for than I originally thought it would be! Oh, I'm also working on my Despair pose set, and I should definitely finish them all by the end of the weekend. :D

I also decided to make a free AO. I don't really plan on making it anything fancy, but just a few stands and maybe a freebie walk. I also don't really think I will animate the stands, it will probably be just a few static stands (low priority and loose head movement), until I can get better at animating. :D

Yep, thats what I've been doing lately :D I'll definitely be making a 3 pose set release (and probably free AO) for Imperial Elegance this week ^^

Ah! I will also be switching my lucky chair out for one of those funky lucky board things. It has less prims, looks better to me, and all you have to do it click it to receive your prize. And, I have taken away the Extra gunslinger Poses and the fight pose that has been up in the store for far too long, and have put them up as prizes. That should be landing in the store this week too ^^