Hiiiiii all! Thank you all for your kind words to me while I was going through PeeCee issues - the whole situation really sucked, and hearing people cared made things a little easier. And to QueenKellee, who offered the best assistance one could over blog comments. :P

The update: PeeCee is up and running again, with the sacrifice of Windows Vista, and all my files. I decided not to get professional help with my computer for a few reasons, actually.

  1. I really don't trust my PC with strangers. PeeCee is my life, and having people go through and violate it is a very strange feeling to me.
  2. With Fall semester coming up, I really don't have the finances to afford a $140USD computer repair bill.
  3. Once it got down to it, the only REAL reason I wanted that hard drive saved was because of those Ad templates. That was the only thing of real value on there to me. But, after thinking about it - those templates were old, outdated, and just not my style anymore.
So, that said, I took the courage and restored PeeCee to the way it was when I brought it home. I am now running Windows XP Media Center, as I did before Christmas (which was when I upgraded to Vista, and my various problems started). My PC is running fast, smooth, and problem free again. :D

Gah. The templates. It killed me to reformat my drive, just because of them. I put so much work into them, and they were the whole thing Imperial Elegance ran off of. I enjoy the concept of them, but there were a few things that were bothering me. I wanted the permissions color-coded, for example, and the font drove me nuts. So, I'll be redoing the pose ads over the next few weeks - once I get the templates ready and pretty. Because of this - the big pose release I had planned will need to be pushed back a bit. TT_TT

The other items? I think I'm going to send them all off to retirement, and having a $1L sale on all random items (other than the furnitures - I'm still proud of them) I've created through the months. I want to focus on poses, because that seems to be what I do best.


Anyway - when I logged in on my computer - the first thing I did was take pictures! I Love taking pictures, and it killed me when I couldn't on the spare. *huggles PeeCee* ohhhh, how I missed yooooous!


I had actually completed the Bare Rose Scarlet Yarn hunt on the spare PC - through much client lag and slideshow viewing, but I reeeeealllllly wanted this outfit! XD Its a bit weird, and probably nothing I'd wear outside of my land... but, I find it amusing :D I love hunts, I love Bare Rose - and, I was able to meet June Dion again during the hunt. So, it was a great way to spend the morning. Also, the story that came with this outfit is soooo cute :D I totally can't wait for the next hunt June is putting on next month!