I got in a HUGE blowout with some asshole on the road this morning, so I figure I'd make a blog post, to try to calm down. Its been like 3 hours, and I'm still seething. -.- I really wish people would stop being such jerks. -.- So, I apologies if I seem negative today; I'm not in a good mood XD


Anyway, I took this picture a while ago - after I purchased additional makeups for my favorite skin. I was playing with windlight settings, trying to get the sky and environment to match my makeup. I failed, considering the sky is more purple than my makeup, but I was ultimately pleased with the outcome.

My boat is a fantastic place to take pictures - There are just so many different ways to pose around it, that it makes it really fun. I've also taken a liking to fishing on it - its fun. :D


And, I took this picture right after fishing. I've been wondering why my water doesn't sparkle with my windlight settings - but after playing with the sun position, I've finally fixed it. I get really fantastic sparkly water now - so this was made to show that ^^