OMG. I've been sooooo busy since yesterday. Right after I finished the new ad template, I set to work on actually making the ads. I am totally excited because - I finished the ads for the mega-release on Wednesday! :D And, I think I want to share a few preview ads with you guys. ^^

Sorry, I branded both images with a giant "Preview" word across them, because I don't really want people to skim through and get confused that I'm releasing them, when I'm really not ready yet. XD


I am very happy with how this AO turned out. As I've said before, my goal with this was to create something natural, and I created this, based on how I stand IRL. I had actually gotten up out of my desk chair several times while making these, and copied how I stood. O.o; They might be boring to some people, but its really not dramatic at all. ^^ I hope this will help a few newbies out, in the long run.


The long awaited sword poses! I know several people have been waiting for these, and I apologize to them. TT_TT This was actually the last ad I completed, because I had no clue what to wear for the pictures! I wanted to wear a hakama, or some kind of kimono, but because they all had system skirts, that wasn't an option for me (I hate all system skirts!). So, I settled on this funky harem outfit thing I bought at an Analise sale a while ago. It looks more like a warrior outfit to me, than a harem thing. XD

Also, I have to say: I am extremely happy with my new template. I love the updated look, the background, the letters, the colored permissions, the gray scale look... its really the look I've been going for :D When I created the last template, my theme was to be "Silly", but as IE grew, I wanted a more, serious, elegant feel to it. This template, I think, says a lot to me. ^^

I felt utterly drained from making templates, ads, and finishing pose sets all night/morning - I kinda needed to do a little bit of exploring. I actually became fond of this outfit while taking sword pictures with it, so I wanted to go take pictures in the environment in was meant for. Which, I believe would be a Gor sim. However, I really didn't want to go into a random RP sim, and end up being collared against my will.

With the help of Cen, I was able to find a great no-RP Gor sim to tour around in, and snap a few pictures. And, I also learned a bit about Gor, as I hounded her with silly questions. XD


I was happy to have found this place - it was fun to tour around, and look at the Gor lifestyle, without having to worry about becoming someone's slave... or something. They have a few beautiful things, like bridges... but my favorite was this area here. Its pretty, with whirlpools and really nice looking waves. :D


Shipwrecks seem to be common in this Gor sim. It seems everywhere I turned, there was a shipwreck. XD I think it adds to the photo opportunities as well. :D Curious in checking out some Gor-themed scenery without the RP? Check it out here: Thassa (249, 128, 23).

BTW - Since when did Deviant Kitties retexture their hairs? I loooooved their black color, now it seems really light. I had to darken the one I wore to the Gor sim and in the katana ad by A LOT to get it to look black. I'm really depressed about this, because they used to have my favorite black hair texture.

I need some non-ad making relaxation, and I just bought Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, so I'm off for some terrifying PS2 playing! T_T