So, yesterday - I mentioned I was moving from my Otherland home. I decided this for 2 reasons. One, and the main one, was because when I moved there, there was only on other island being lived in, and there was no lag. Now, with all 4 islands in the sim being lived in, the lag is sooooo terrible, and really irritates me. I took scripts out of my windows and everything I could, but for every one script I took out, two more appeared somewhere else on the sim. It was annoying.

Second, the "Maldive" theme never really matched my style. I am more of a "modern" type of person, who prefers lots of metal, hardwood floors, and giant windows. I am not allowed to have this kind of home in Otherland. So, with those two issues I had, I kept wanting to move. It wouldn't have been a problem to just move - however, it wasn't just -my- home anymore. I also share it with Kagic. So, I waited for him to log on, told him I wasn't happy with living on Faridhoo anymore, and I wanted to move.

I showed him around 4 prospective places, and decided on 1. I paid the rental box, and then Kagic pointed out to me that - this is our first home we picked out together. Which is true, because he just kinda moved in with me at my existing Faridhoo home before. So, we quickly went to The Loft to pick out a bed together, came home, set it up, and he logged off..... Then I went shopping to finish up furnishing our new home. :D This will be an image heavy post, btw. Please don't kill me.


I think it turned out pretty nice, and I actually love our new house. I think it fits us better, and - its so huge! I had a total blast decorating the whole house as well. And - if you notice - the entire house is furnished almost exclusively by things from The Loft. But anyway - this is the rear view of the house, and also the buying point for me. :D


This house had several rooms we didn't know what to do with, and this was one of them. In RL, this probably would have been a kitchen, but Kagic didn't really want a kitchen, so we made it into a little tea room. It's pretty and quite serene looking. :D


This was the second room I didn't know what to do with, but I decided to make this some kind of TV room. I put a couch and a prop TV down. BTW - I am looking for a good TV. Preferably one that can play YouTube, Flickr, and regular channels. It needs to be able to be be deeded to group as well. Prims really aren't an issue - anyone have any suggestions? :D


This was confusing room number 3. However, I drew inspiration from Quaintly and her piano hunt for this. I've always found pianos to be beautiful, but never had any logical space for one in any of my SL homes. Well, now I do and I think it looks great here in this room. (BTW - If anyone wants this beautiful sculpted piano, send me an IM and I'll send it to you). :D


Our new bedroom. We picked out the bed together, and I just kinda worked around it, adding matching pictures and random things. I think it turned out pretty well, and I just loooove that it has a ledge, leading to a little sitting area. This was probably the only room I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.


Our living room area. I love love love this couch, so I really wanted to use it again. I also added my favorite rug and table to this room. And - I loooooove fireplaces, so I just HAD to have one in this room ^^ I think it really meshes well with the rest of the living room.


We have a hot tub! I've never had a SL hot tub before, so this thing is fun. Of course, last night, the first poses we set down were in this thing. :D It has particle bubbles, steam and the water level lowers and rises. I put the candles and towels down as a cute touch :D


Both outdoor sets. I couldn't decide whether I liked the new set I was given, or the set that I bought earlier. So, I put both sets out. :D


And - you know I can't resist a pretty picture. I seen this, and just HAD to snap a pic. ^^ I love the view, I love the furnishing, and I love this house. As Kagic said - I think we will have lots of good memories in this house.

Oh! I also made all the candles in this house. I think they turned out totally fantastic. I think I might add color change scripts to them and hand them out to my group members. (Or you can send me a comment or In-World IM, and I'll send them to you) :D