OMG - I bought a SL car. My original intentions with it was to run over Laleeta when I seen her again, as payback for running me over with her Aston Martin, but I found myself quite amused with it. I don't really have enough land space on my island to really play with this vehicle, so I took it to my most favorite sandbox to play with it. :D And you guessed it - machinima happened. XD

Ok, yeah, I am a crazy driver. But - it was my first time EVER driving a SL car, in my year I've been here. XD Oh. and, its also good to note that this was only in FIRST gear, before I realized I could go faster. And omg. When I switched gears, the car went soooooooo out of control, I had suddenly found myself in the middle of the next sim over. O.o; Oops.


Seems its better just to look at than drive it. I took it to a racetrack so I could get a picture of it, and was suddenly hit with an inspiration. This picture just *screams* "I need a sexah woman to pose next to me!" So, poses with cars will be coming. This pose idea should be extremely easy to do for me. I have been to more car shows than I can count, and have several years worth of Import Tuner and Hot Rod magazines. Most of which - feature beautiful women posing provocatively near a tricked out car. XD


After I wrecked my pretty Chevy Corvette, Kagic logged on, and I went to give him a tour of some beautiful ballrooms. I love getting dressed up in pretty formals, so I took this opportunity to dress in my favorite gown. ^^ We visited the beautiful Paradise Falls, the elegant Avilion Grove ballroom, and the very golden Tempura Island ballroom. All of which are my favorite places to dance now (aside from my own home), for some quiet dancing time with him :D I gave him a fashion show of my newest lingerie that I purchased from the Beachwear/Lingerie Expo, and he logged off shortly after ^^


Then, a few Ch'Know girls met up at the Viper Pit. What started off as anger and tension (I won't go into anything other than that, in respect to those involved), we ended it being our total, goofy selves. XD Someone passed around this weird thing called an onigokko_shippo - and once you wore it, you ran around in circles with arms failing around and all. OMG, with a bunch of us doing it together, it was absolutely hilarious. This was probably the first time in SL that I actually laughed until I cried. Next time we all get together and do this, I'm totally grabbing a machinima of it. You really have to watch it to really laugh XD

Though, I have to admit, I was extremely depressed when I got home and tried it out by myself for some extra laughs, I couldn't get it to work. I have no idea how to work the thing XD