Casandra pointed out to me in my last post that eventually, people will move on to new favorite skins in a few months, which puts my mind at ease a little. However... I'll be a clone until then T_T

I did manage to pick up some Detour demos while I was there looking at their shoes though. I poked through each demo (gawd! Stop with the $1L demos already! TT_TT) and picked out a few to post here.


I actually kinda like the top two. I think they look very cute, and something I could live with. The bottom left one is very pretty, and I love the tone - however, it seems to have something wrong with the upper lip. It looks a little pinched on one side. O.o; The bottom right - looks a bit creepy to me. XD

And, because I felt weird today, I decided to have a little fun with one of the demos. ^^


I actually really love the Utter Black eyes from Miriel, but never really wore them. They are fun, creepy and picture-worthy all at once. O.o; Perhaps this means I've been playing too much Fatal Frame? T_T