So, right after buying sparklers for my July 4th entertainment tonight, I come home to find a notice on my door saying all fireworks are banned in my city. WTF. Thanks for telling me before the day of, stupid Placer County. -.- However. I will get my $7 entertainment I paid for, and I'll be lighting them off in my driveway anyway. Not sure what happened to that notice you supposeably put on my door, policeman - the wind must have blew it away. :P Thats what sucks about living in California this year, I guess - tons of wildfires burning are forcing cities to take drastic measures and protect their homes.

But! I can light big, giant fireworks off on my SL land! I am excited, and can't wait to light off my Rumination fireworks tonight. If anyone has no other plans, and want to come watch them with me - feel free to let me know. We can have a 0704 Firework Party at meh house. :D

But anyway. I have finished re-texturing and linking my living room set! OMG, I am so relieved and excited to be done with it. Now all that's left is setting permissions, separating them in folders and thinking of a name for them.


I was feeling silly last night, and found this red, white and blue striped texture in my inventory, so I stuck it on the couch. Looked reasonably interesting (though, I could not get the stripes to line up perfectly on the sectional no matter how much I tried), and I sent a whole no mod linked set to my group members for as a preview for next week's release and a July 4th gift from me. I hope someone can get some use out of it XD

I've also been dealing with annoying internet connection issues lately, which is driving me nuts. I called my DSL provider once, and they ran a test, saying it was fine. Well, it wasn't. It went out again that night, and I called back the next day. They sent a woman out yesterday to do more tests, and she told me that the lines are fine - its most likely the modem going out. She explained that they intermittently loose connection before completely dying, and I should get a new modem. So, last night, I went to Fry's and got a whole new modem/router contraption, set it up, and 5 minutes later - I lost connection again. wtf. So now, on Monday - I have to call them once again. *annoyed*


Wednesday's Hump Day party was fun, but I think I was totally overdressed. The theme was like, medieval, and I wore the only thing I had. XD I had originally bought it for a Tiny Empires formal ball, but never went to one - so this has been sitting in my inventory for ages. I am glad I got to bring it out and wear it once though :D


Everyone else looked amazing and well dressed. My PeeCee was having spaz attacks when I zoomed in to everyone, so I didn't get much pictures. But, I posted what I was able to get on the flickr set here.