I've been working on finishing up some pose sets I have going, and I think I'm pretty happy with how the Handbag poses are coming. I never, ever wear purses of any kind IRL, so I have no idea how to hold them or anything. So, I've had to rely on pictures from websites to make these. But, it seems to be working :D

Handbag Poses - Preview

Here are three of my favorite poses from this set. I've made 10 poses total so far, and I am determined to finish the last 2 today. Then, I can finish up some other sets I've been hoarding. I also hope to have the sword poses finished by tomorrow night, and the despair poses done by the end of the weekend. ^^

And, I just have to say: I love that skirt. OMG. I picked it up in a freebie box from Stellar Designs during the fashion expo, and just put it on this morning. I *HAVE* to run down to her store later today and see if she makes other patterned skirts as separates. Its just so short, flexi, and adorable. :D