oooo! Zomg. I've finished handbag poses and the sword poses! I watched Shutter last night, and was totally freaked out. And of course, unable to sleep. So, I worked on a few AO poses. Yay for teaser previews!


I am actually pleased with the way they are turning out. I have a few things I don't want this AO to do, for example: look un-natural, stand on tip toes, look newbish, and look absolutely retarded. I don't plan on animating them, but I did make the heads movable, and a lower priority, so the typing animation and such will still show. I've also made the Ease In/Out easier too, so unlike the modeling poses, these should not be choppy going from one pose to another. They should like, ease into each other. ^^

I am extremely pleased with how this is turning out - its so much easier than I expected. I've also made a sitting pose, along with my two stands. I really hope these stands and sit is somewhat natural, considering they are how I stand in RL. XD I think I do plan on adding a total of 5 stands, a sit, and a ground sit. I don't think I'll be including swimming or flying animations. I hate flying and swimming in SL, so I think making those poses would make me want to rip my hair out. :D