Do you ever have those people who you *JUST* don't get along with, no matter how friendly you try to be? Yep, I have two particular ones. One of them, I groan every single time she pops into a group chat I am involved in. She just drives me insane, and really puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Even a simple "Hi!" in the group is enough to ruin my day. I usually love this group, but lately, I find myself thinking about leaving more and more - just because of this person. I've tried to be nice, kind, and even quiet. But, she still annoys me to no end.

The other person.... Well, lets just say - I hold really bad grudges. If someone pisses me off really bad, I will hold it against them until the day they die. I do not forgive and forget. So, this particular designer (quite popular at that) said something in a fashion chat channel I am a member of, and I said something sarcastic back to her - because well, thats just the way I am. She proceeded to IM me, telling me how angry she was, and how pissed off I made her. Whatever. She began to belittle me in the fashion group, which really pissed me off. After a "I'm not dealing with this drama" in the chat from me, I closed it. Who knows what was said after that. I've since deleted every single item I own from her from my inventory, and will never, ever shop from her store, no matter how much cool stuff she has. I will never write a blog entry while wearing anything made by her either - Because I'm just that mean. ^^

Anyway. Because I don't want to leave a post like that, filled with my viciousness - I'll also mention that I am officially addicted to Wordle. You basically put in various words or a blog page, and it will combine all the words into a pretty word collage thing. I love it - its soooooo pretty. This is my favorite one I made so far:


I actually really love this image. I am not entirely sure why - but it makes me oddly calm just looking at it. Perhaps because its pink? I'm not sure, but I really enjoy it. I think Wordle has created a way for normal people like me to create beautiful art like this ^^