My PC took a crap on me yesterday afternoon. I turned it on in the morning, and it took like 30 minutes to start up, and was freezing all throughout the day. I ran SpyBot, and restarted. Well, then - PeeCee said "Windows failed to start." Told me that a system config file was missing, and to run my windows installation CD and repair it. Did that, didn't work. T_T

My PC is totally unusable right now, and I have no clue what I can do. Right now, I am on my crappy laptop I use for classes, and I can log in to SL, and view it as a slideshow.

I'm extremely pissed off, for several reasons. First, I was planning a huge release tomorrow with my free AO, and 3 pose sets. Can't do that. Second, if my PC is doomed, I have lost all my ad templates, and all my backup poses, and EVERYTHING. I'm totally ticked, and I can't do anything about it.

I will probably be spending lot of time logged into RL, and I'm sure me and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core will become best friends again. I can't move around in SL on this laptop, so I really can't do anything. I can't build, can't walk, can't shop... really, what is there to do? I can probably try to organize inventory, but... blech.

I will still be logging in in the evenings, to see Kagic - but I think that really might be it. I felt so bad for Kagic last night, I can't go anywhere, so he had to stay home with me. XD *Sigh* Sorry Kagic, we might be staying home quite often for the near future T_T

BTW. If anyone wants the free AO I was going to release, send me an IM or notecard, or something, and Ill send it to you... since I can't release it like I wanted to. TT_TT