It always amazes me to see people using my products. I squee when I see my poses used on the fashion feed, and squee even more when I see people using my pictures for their own fun purposes. (The paparazzi pose set was great to see how people used them!). So, I've been working on furniture, because I was really bored with what current things were out there. When I sent out the Americana gift to my group - I had no idea just how much people would use it. Because it was so weird and bright, I had no idea how anyone would use it. I honestly thought it would be rezzed to see WTH it was, then deleted.

But for some reason, people did like it. I was shocked - I received several IMs, telling me that the set is something they were looking for, for their Fourth of July SL festivities, and what not. Maybe they were just being nice? Perhaps, but I felt like the gift served its purpose, and I was happy. I also felt more confident about releasing them this week - because if people have a use for the funky red, white and blue striped ones - people will most likely have more of a use for normal ones. :D

However, it really didn't hit me that people were actually using it - until Alicia told me in the Ch'Know group, that she had seen it sitting out in a particular store. I immediately TP'ed to the store, because I was curious how it was used.


And omg. There it sat. It was placed right in the middle of the store, right in front of the doorway. Ok, ok. So the store was empty - it had apparently been closed right after a massive sale, but hey! The set I made is still there! :D I felt proud, because I had marveled at how beautiful this store build was a few weeks ago, and now - my silly living room set was plopped right in the middle of it. ^^

But no - thats not all. I tp'ed home, and Merrick was offering a party at his beach place. (Ok, not a party, exactly - but yeah) So, Alicia, Bettye and I tp'ed there. I had some problems in the beginning, because it looked like Merrick's prims were outside the door, after everyone had gone inside. I kid you not - I saw his hair and shoes freakishly standing outside the front door. I even hovered my mouse over them, and they had his name as a hovertip. XD


But, once I went in, I was shocked once again! Omg - he was using my dorky living room set too! O.o;;; The strange part was - It fit perfectly in his cute little house. It took up the entire downstairs - but it worked well. :D


And... the next thing I knew, there were sit and spins on the coffee table, and the four of us were spinning. XD OMG, those things were soooooo funny :D

Ah - a bit of RL for a minute. I'm still having really annoying connection issues. I've done what AT&T has told me to do (including buying a new modem that didn't fix my issue), so I am now looking at other internet options. I've priced cable internet in my area, and they are about $29.99, while I'm paying AT&T around $80 a month for my internet. Not to mention the phone service with the cable place is $19.99 a month, where I'm paying out the ass with AT&T.

So, until I get the cable set up - I will continue to apologize to all those people I disconnect mid-conversation with. I really didn't leave on purpose! XD