I seen one of MiaSnow's dalmatian skins on Free*Style today, and pouted. I've always loved the dalmatian skins, but could never bring myself to buy one because I knew I'd only want to take a picture of them once, then they'd be stuffed in my inventory forevermore. But, then as I was skimming though, I seen that one of them was available in the lucky chair! Zomg. I TP'ed there as quick as I could. I was also totally glad that the chair was only 5 minutes long too. OMG. *huggles MiaSnow* :D


I think I actually like this skin more than I probably should. I traded my elf ears for the night for some cute inu gear from Hybrid, to really go all out. ^^I really like the dalmatian skin, with little bits of human-ization in there. I am looking forward to doing a few silly Inu poses as well ^^

Now, I'm going to say something here that I've been really mulling over for the past few days. It seems everyone and their mom is now wearing Gala skins with elf ears. I love, love, love, love my Gala skin - but, I really don't want to look like a clone of other people. Gala's skins are beautiful, and she should definitely get the love she needs for creating them... but, I think I'll be poking around various different skin stores and checking out some lesser-known designers. So, I could maintain a little bit of originality. Am I selfish for thinking this way? Most likely. But, its how I feel. Shoot me with hatemail if you'd like. :D

Today, I seen some gorgeous skins by MinaJunk on the feed, and I totally loved them. I never really considered MinaJunk before because.... well, I'm not really sure. But, I think these might be an option for a new skin for me.


I absolutely love the top left skin. However, I reaaaaaaalllllly wish the eyebrows were black (or at least tintable), and the tone a bit darker. I think MinaJunk is definitely on my to-watch list. And omg - the CSR gift! I'm totally going to be participating in the Creator's Stamp Rally, just so I can grab that beautiful skin (...and the pink maid outfit, and the gun, and the french bulldog... O.o;) ^^


And then Kagic logged in, and we went to Midsomer to dance. He's been gone all weekend, so I was glad to be able to glomp him again. :P We went home shortly after and I showed him my dalmatian skin and ears. :D Oh, and did I ever mention that I finally invited him to my land group? I think this was the big step for me, because it said: "Kagic lives here with Sai and is totally off the market". :P

Oh! A bit of RL for a minute - the fourth book in my favorite book series is coming on on August 2nd! OMG, I'm so excited because I've been waiting FOREVER for it! AND! Its being made into a movie, set to be released to theaters on December 12, 2008! *dies of happiness* Series information here, Breaking Dawn information here, Twilight Movie information here, trailers here. :D *bounces off walls* XD