I can't sleep. At all. So, I think I am going to do a post of a few things I've been hoarding. :D First Onigokko videos!

I swear, onigokko NEVER gets old, no matter how much I see it. Fraps won't let me record sound from SL, so I had to come up with music from my own collection. I tried to find the goofiest songs to go with these videos XD But anyway, a few of us from the Ch'Know group TP'ed in to grab the Onigokko V.2 from the store - and before we knew it, we were running in circles. XD


And, it wasn't long before it looked like this. The highlight was when Meara pulled out the big, giant puffy avatar. And - it was freaking hilarious when she did onigokko in that. OMG, I laughed so hard. ^^

Moi doing onigokko on meh beach! I do this quite often - just running around, being stupid... heh. :D It just cracks me up every single time I do it. XD


My Kagic is going away again for a few days~ He logged in a bit late last night, but I gave him a tour of my store (because he's never seen it before), and took him to Africa. It's a really neat sim there, but I love these particular poseballs and I think they would look perfect on our beach. I'll have to go pick them up sometime this weekend :D


After our trip to Africa, we came home for some more... personal time in front of the fire before he logged off. I am not really sure why Kagic puts up with me. I'm constantly like: "Oh! Lets go [insert weird sim here]" and then 2 seconds later "Ah! Lets go [insert weirder place here]". And every time... he always says: "Ok, sure." O.o; Perhaps because I'm cute, that he's putting up with my freakish ADD? :P

And yes. I am STILL wearing that tiny skirt. I absolutely LOVE it. However, when I went to go buy more skirts like this, I found that they are only sold with complete outfits. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm super cheap lately, and I have issues with paying over $250L for an outfit I only want the skirt for. I REALLY wish Stellar Designs would sell their skirts in separate packs TT_TT