Kagic is gone for a few days, but I think I have a pretty good date planned for Sunday when he comes back. :D I think I am probably enjoying the girlfriend role a bit too much, because its been a really long time since I was able to take someone dancing with me, be silly with, or just make my home a little bit more meaningful. My home was a place to for me to change, kill time, fish, and go afk. But now, it actually feels more like a home, with furniture actually being sat on, and spaces being used. ^^ I've recently made my home where people can't make LMs because I've had some freaks come by, and keep coming back. But, Kagic was the only one so far that I've personally gave an actual LM to, so he can come by whenever he wants. I've even considered asking him if he wanted to be added to my Byakuya group, so he can call my house home. XD


But, I have projects this weekend. I've recently purchased the ELCM System (which is supposed to make retexturing extremely easy, and is popular among hair creators. I plan to try some hair making really soon, as soon as I can understand this system. The manual is extremely difficult to understand with words like "prototype" and such, but the creator is very helpful, so I may be contacting him. He has told me that he offers totally free support for it, so - thats good ^^

And, I also contacted Miriel Enfield about her vendor system. I love her system of being able to choose from copy/trans permissions, so the fact that she was offering her scripts to those who asked - I was thrilled and IM'ed her as soon as I read about it. I do have a gift card system in place, but I really don't think anyone really knows they are there. I've tried to promote the system as much as possible (especially considering you get discounts for higher card purchases), but, nothing seems to work. People just don't like gift cards, I guess. Perhaps I should do a gift card sale? Hmm... But, this vendor system should be a great alternative, and I might be trying it out soon.