I met someone. I was hanging out at Sweetheart's Jazz for a while - it gave me a reason to dress up in my many formals, and sit and organize inventory while I waited for someone to ask me to dance. Kinda mind boggling - because I would sit there for hours on end, watching all the fashion disaster noobs get asked, while I stood there. O.o;;

I met various people, ones who were kind and respectful, others who were convinced I was a "princess", one who told me he wanted a "young girl to ravage", another who constantly gave me music videos on YouTube to play, and one who was determined to make little elfy me his pet.


But, I think this one is a keeper. He's gone shopping with me (and seems to enjoy it), is respectful of my prudishness, and quite amusing to be around. I have been spending the majority of my evenings with this particular person, whether it be going out to Jazz clubs, or hanging out on my deck dancing. My couple's animation poseballs have remained in my inventory, collecting dust, since even before Bats left SL. But, for the first time in 2 months, I was able to bring them back out again last night, and found them each a place in my home. I find myself growing more comfortable with this guy ^^


I even went out on a limb a few days ago, and asked him to attend the Fashion Disaster Hump Day party with me, not as a friend, but as my love interest. Shockingly, he agreed. So, those who attend the party tonight, will most likely be able to see him :D