I love Gala skins. I bought one at the skin fair a few months ago, and have been wearing them ever since. I've recently bought skins direct from her, when I wanted new makeups. She's opened a new sim, and have now put her beautiful skins back up for sale. I do plan on writing a post about it on my fashion blog tomorrow, but something happened tonight, and I'm so excited - I can't hold it in :D

Well... I received a package from Rita that included the freebies that was sent to the Gala/Rita group, asking if I would blog them. And, of course, I did, because omg - group Gala Phoenix skin. It's just THAT awesome. So, I was totally excited that I can finally see the newness that Gala was working on tomorrow, when the sim opened for members.

I received an IM from Rita, inviting me to come check out the sim tonight, before it was opened to the group members tomorrow at noon - and offered review copies for anything I wanted. Of course... I *HAD* to go check it out.


The build is freaking beautiful. OMG, I have never seen anything like this in a while. I'm not really sure exactly why it appeals to me though - perhaps it looks like a fairy tale castle that I always dreamed about living in, when I was a little girl? Or it has a mysterious aura around it? Or it kinda looks like it could be old and haunted?


I looooooooooved walking around the build, marveling at everything. I swear, when I become rich... I'm going to build me a house, JUST like this one! :D

So, I looked around a bit, and fell absolutely in love with 2 skins from Gala, and a hair from Rita. I get soooooo nervious in asking for review copies - which is why I rarely do it. I've only done it once before, because I feel soooooo weird about it. I'm extremely anti-social and was always raised to NEVER ask for anything at all... so, asking for review items has always been difficult to me. But, tonight, I did the unthinkable: I asked for review items not once - but TWICE. First, I requested hair... and Rita was totally sweet *huggles*

But then... I was in a crisis on whether or not to send a review copy request to Gala. In the few times I've talked to her, she was totally sweet.... but, omg. I wanted the Scene makeup and Nocturnal makeups in the Luster tone, and I had right clicked them and hovered over the Buy choice soooooo many times.


I decided to go walk the grounds one last time, before deciding - and I came to a decision. Just do it. Really, the worst that could happen was that she would think I'm some kind of greedy bitch, boycott my blog, and tell all the blogosphere how horrible I am, right? O.o; Well, ok - that might be an overstatement. But still, it could happen... no?

Well. I wrote out a notecard (I swear I reread that thing enough times to memorize it word for word, looking for imperfections), listing the two particular skins I was interested in, that I planned on blogging them tomorrow, and how much I lubbbbed her. :P I have never, ever, ever, been so nervous about sending a notecard as I was then XD But, immediately, the folders started coming in. OMG. She gave me all 12 of her newest makeups in all tones. I freaked out, and almost fell out of my chair.


I'm sooooo excited to blog these, can't you tell? :D AND! I have to say: the freckles on the new skins - are sooooo cute! Like, they don't just cover the face... no, they have freckles covering the ENTIRE body! :D

Side note - as I was photographing my these skins for my blog pictures, I noticed someone on my radar. My photosphere is 600 meters in the sky above my store, and its almost annoying to have a nosy person wandering around. And - it just so happens that this person was the people who rented the store next to mine - a Adimu side store, I guess. Shouldn't these people have respect for my private room in the sky? So, I hunted down a security orb. Found one for $25L. :D We will see it if works ^^