Yep. Doesn't seem like there was much interest in a store card sale. The busiest day for sales is always the day I send my notice out to my group (which actually hit 1300 members! :O zomg) and FashCon - but, it didn't do as well as I thought it would yesterday. Bah. Maybe it will pick up later on in the week. ^^ If this did well, I planned to do another one near Christmas - but I think I might have to rethink that. Ah well. That's a long time away.

So - yesterday was my RL birthday, and Kagic has been gone since Thursday night. So, I wanted to see him for a bit last night. :D He logged on a bit late, and we went to the skybox I set up a few days prior.


Its unbelievably dorky, and I am running out of skyboxes for various occasions. Good thing important days are rare :D I had a bit of a disaster though. I had the perfect gown, I resized it, tried it on, perfected each prim... But.. well, it was filled with alpha textures, and of course - the skybox is filled with alpha textures as well. So, when I stood in the skybox, it looked like I had no dress on. -.- I had to change, quickly. Luckily I found this gown sitting unused in my inventory, and it was totally adorable :D


I think I had a good night with him, and a good birthday. However, I did say some things last night to him that I probably shouldn't have. I am not sure if I should blog about it just yet, because I am still unsure about his thoughts on it. He seems to like to say "OK, sure" a lot to me, without ever telling me what he really thinks. O.o; So, depending on what he says about it tonight, I'll decide if I should mention it again or not xD